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The Modern Disease of Busyness

In the world today you'd be forgiven for thinking we can all take it a little easy.  It's bullshit. Let's look at the world today: We have access to the most amazing technology The standard of living for most of us in incredible Most of … [Read more]

Your Perfect Day

Today I wanted to touch on what so many Business Coaches and Life Coaches touch on.  We don't all do it, because it was in the coaching manual 101 - we do it because it's so important. Your Perfect Day. Your Perfect Week. Your Perfect … [Read more]

Understanding Successful Business Strategy

You hear me bang on about successful Strategy sometimes (ok maybe lots of times), but do you really understand what I mean? Here's a confession from me - I thought I understood this years was only after application and not just … [Read more]

Why you need a Business Coach

So why do you need a Business Coach?  Well, I'm going to be controversial here, and say you don't 'need' one.  However, if you want your business to be amazing - then it it wise to have a Business Coach. When doing some good old fashioned … [Read more]

Choosing a business structure

So you've decided to go into business. Hopefully you've taken my Entrepreneurs test to see if you're a good fit.....some people make great employees and it's not a bad thing.  There's so much hype in the world about starting your own business. … [Read more]

Task Management to stay in your A Game

Today I wanted to share with you an exercise I myself have just done again.  You see, I've been noticing that I have been getting busier and busier, yet not achieving everything I set out to do. BIG problem for someone who is a Business Coach and … [Read more]