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Bookkeeping Basics

Money Money Money We all want it. We all need it. Some people have lots. Some people are broke. Some people manage it well......but most people don't. This is such a big hurdle for most entrepreneurs.  Especially if they started as … [Read more]

Hackers, lost sales and frustration

What a week!!! Seriously, not happy Jan. Why is it that some people have nothing better to do than hack my sites and create  a mess.  Removing pages from the site.  Sending other pages to porn site.  Changing links blah blah blah. It has … [Read more]

Honey I shrunk my biz

I'm always struck when people I work with or meet, say 'it must be so much easier not having a partner'.  I usually nod, and say yes, sometimes, but it's swings and roundabouts. So let's talk about this, shall we.  Firstly, why did I go with … [Read more]

The importance of defining what you do

Please allow me to introduce myself For some people this isn't an issue.  Think Neurosurgeon, tv presenter, child care worker or accountant.  Easy, title right there - however they could all go into greater detail about who they work with, what … [Read more]

ECRM Cannes and your ideal client

Trade fairs.....arghghh. The endless waiting and hoping for people to come onto your stand. The thousands of dollars spent on the stand. The money for the lights, staff, fancy signage etc etc. The set up and bump out. The headache that … [Read more]

Secrets of a smart and simple Sales Strategy

  "Noooooo did someone mention sales.  Shit.  I thought I just had to develop and great product, have a pretty website and people would buy". I can't tell you how many times I have heard a variation of that over the years (including from … [Read more]