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See Samantha Speak

I’m all about Entertainment, Education and Empowerment and I aim to deliver 100% on all 3, every time I take to a stage.


Current speaking topics include:

Say No To Normal

A deep look at how to avoid suffering from Comparitis and the need to be like everyone else. There is only 1 you, so own it baby.

Ditch It, Delegate It, Leverage It and Live It

How to conquer overwhelm and move your business into amazing.

Solopreneur Mastery

Lessons on how to create your own path in business without an HR department there to guide you.

It’s your time, so manage it!

Time Management is your friend, and here’s where you’ll learn some great tips, tricks and techniques to have time be on your side.

Systems is not a 4 letter word

Systems scare some people and bore others. I’ll switch that around and have you embracing efficiency in your business.

The Passion Test

Discover your top 5 passions. Learn the 3-step formula for creating anything you want in your life. Discover the ONE SECRET that will ensure that you’ll always live a life that’s aligned with your passions and come away with 3 tools that you can use immediately to move closer to your passions.

Smart Not Hard

A 3 day workshop to take you from vision to implementation of your Show Stopping Business and Life

Woman On A Mission

Women do work differently in business. The lines can be blurred between business and personal, and we aren’t always able to clarify what success means to us. Let’s cut that out and re-define success on your own terms.

Financial Fitness

It’s all about the numbers. ¬†Most people would go to the dentist than look at their accounts (business or personal) – it doesn’t have to be like this. ¬†Financial Fitness is all about understanding the basics, and learning to respect the numbers.

New topics are added constantly, and can range from 30minute sessions to 3 day workshops.


Speaking gigs are always matched to you and your needs, so for more information, media kit etc please email