When I woke up the day after my 45th birthday, I again did what I normally do – started making a list.

I think from this moment forth I shall be know as ‘List Queen’.

There are lot’s of lists that I created that day, and I’ll probably share more about them another day, but right now – this is the BIGGY!

Every-Single-Day I repeat the affirmation ‘I entertain, educate and empower thousands of people around the world everyday’.  Guess what? I wasn’t. I’m not. I wasn’t taking any action on this at all.

Why not?

Knuckling down to the depths of my resistance would be a long post and I don’t like it if I bore people almost as much as I hate fruit flavoured milkshakes.

I wanted to get over my fear & procrastination around being on camera without a full face of makeup, my hair done, great lighting and an editor.  Yep.  That was what I thought I needed to do all video – so I wasn’t doing any!  The insanity was, when I occasionally would put myself on video, I would get amazing feedback.

So next thing you know, I’m committing to 365 Days of Facebook Lives.  Not weekdays with weekends off. I committed to everyday for the next year.  I figured by the time I turn 46, I’ll be an expert.  OK, not by the 10,000 our rule, but you know what I mean.

It’s hard.

I started with a list of 365 topics to cover.  Writing that in itself was an accomplishment.  Oops. Got off topic within the first couple.

I forgot to save the first one, so I’ll have to throw in a bonus at some point (maybe).

What do I cover?

Everything. Well, not so far.  But I will.

You see I am 100% committed to helping as many people as I can to do what I call ‘Unleashing Extraordinary’.  This is done in so many ways.  From Confidence to Sex, Parenting to Wine Matching, Boundaries to Ambition.  No topic is off limits, because I believe it’s all of it that makes our lives amazing.

I’ve never said that before.  I’ve always stayed safely behind the label of working with people on ‘insert topic here’.  Having an extraordinary life simply MUST include topics on a variety of things.  Some things I know lots about, some things I’m an expert on, some things I may seek words of wisdom from others, some things I may learn as I go.  At the end of the day, this 365 days will be whatever it is meant to be.

I hope you join me for the ride.  If you don’t already follow me on Facebook – that’s where all the action will be, so head on over.