About Samantha Leith

Hi, I’m Samantha Leith

I want to shout from the rooftops, or sing on the biggest stage “You can be in business and have a life”. I’m a passionate believer in people being able to do what they want in life – with work and personal time.

My life has been a yellow brick road of singing, sales, finance and small business management which has made me a great Business Strategist, Business Coach, Speaker, Systems Specialist and Entrepreneurial Diva…..have a read if you dare.

I started my working life as a professional singer. Being the arts the income was never fantastic, even when I was working 5 nights a week, or on in front of 10,000 people!!! So I supplemented my income by doing other things. Not only did this make me fantastic at Time and Project Management, it gave me the opportunity to try lots of things as I wasn’t stuck on the one career path – a good thing being a Gemini.

I’ve managed retail shops and restaurants. I’ve been a car driving Sales Manager of a worldwide party planning company (great systems). I’ve been the Sales Manager of a manufacturer and wholesaler – and then I settled into the accounts side of things (including being the Financial Controller of a publishing company). I also started and sold my own retail store (on and offline). Now you may thing all that’s a lot to fit into my life, well it’s not really. I started work at 17, so that’s 26 years so far.

I’m a devoted single mum – which again makes me scream “we all need a better quality of life”. It was when I became a fulltime working single mum, that I decided there had to be more in life. I’d always had a passion for personal development, but now that extended to business and lifestyle development. I mean, there had to be more options for me. Putting my daughter in daycare at such an early age was one of the hardest things I had to do, but necessary. I don’t regret a moment of it (anymore), as working as I have has helped me cement her future and mine – and hopefully I can help with yours.

I walk the talk and Ditch what I can, Delegate what I can, Leverage what I can and Live a great life. Living a great life includes holidays with my daughter, some work from home as well as offices (and the odd cafe or poolside).

I have qualifications in Small Business and Finance, as well as lots of hands on training in other areas of business and life. Certified MYOB Consultant and a Registered BAS Agent, so you can see the numbers are really important to me – and I believe they should be to you. This took me on the road of starting and settling into Smart Not Hard Pty Ltd – taking control of people accounts and helping them create Smart Systems for their businesses.

It’s a new world we live in, one where the old models of business don’t necessarily fit in. You have to change if you want to stay in the game….so I have. Working with my clients there seemed to be one common thread – people not living the life they wanted when they started the business. This led to me doing more coaching and business strategy work.

I became so aware that it wasn’t just about the systems (although they are super important), and so aware that I wasn’t sharing all of my passions and skills with my clients.

So I’ve morphed, as should most business owners.

I now focus my time on living (and loving) my life and helping others create an Extraordinary Business and Life and I do that in a variety of ways – my favourites being speaking and coaching.  They are my SPARK!

You can find me working on (and sometimes in) our businesses with a few select business owners and entrepreneurs, speaking on a multitude of topics, hosting and producing events and doing the odd singing gig. On a personal note I’m busy shedding the excess weight I have been carrying on and off for years, hanging out with my gorgeous daughter, and traveling (not enough of this one).

If you’d like to know more check out how you can Work With Me, catch up on the blog or join me over on the social media site of your choice.



PS – If you are into this sort of stuff, I’m a Creator in Wealth Dynamics, a The Talent in How To Facinate, my top 3 in Strengths Finder are Woo, Communication and Strategic……I could go on, but you get the gist. I’m a smart and analytical chick with a woo woo rising who loves creating, communicating and sharing.

PPS – If you haven’t noticed, I’ve stopped listening to the ‘experts’ that tell you to only have 1 business – I happen to love and excel at being a multi passionate entrepreneur.

PPSS – Almost forgot the important stuff. I like my coffee strong, my spirits clear, wine dark and champagne French.