About Samantha Leith

Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary?

Samantha Leith is a Woman on A Mission, helping individuals to raise the curtain on their X Factor – which is she believes the key to success. It’s about developing the Confidence & Charisma needed to have people pay attention and building the Clarity & Courage needed to go after their dreams. After 40+ years on stage (she started very young) she can be described as the imaginary love child of Bette Midler & Tony Robbins.

A successful performer, entrepreneur and single mum, Samantha started her working life as a professional singer and was side-tracked down the ‘safer more practical’ business roads. She’s gone from The Australian Opera, to touring with MC Hammer to National Sales Manager, to Financial Controller, to owning her own online retail store, hand holding business coach, Musical Theatre Producer, judge on the television show All Together Now & her true passion of speaking & coaching.

Warning: Working with Samantha may will involve laughing, crying, thinking and so much more.

To create your version of success is to write, direct, star in and produce your own blockbuster. You do this through continual self-development. If you’re not learning and moving forward: it’s not that you’re standing still, you’re sliding backwards!

Conference organisers book Samantha to speak as she guarantees to Entertain, Educate and Empower every time she takes to the stage by being expressive, emotionally intelligent, energetic, generous and inspiring.

Coaching clients choose Samantha to work with because they know they can borrow her belief in their Extraordinary till they can see it themselves. She helps them to create a clear path for their future based on what they really want and what they are truly capable of.

Analytical with a Woo Woo Rising is how she describes herself, so although her audiences and clients will be encouraged to look inside themselves, there’s no gazing at belly buttons called for. They will be asked to think bigger, develop a can-do attitude and focus on their version of success.

An unconstrained and creative thinker, believing that everybody can have the business & life of their dreams.

How does Samantha know how all of this? It’s simple – years of experience (success & failure) and hundreds of thousands of dollars in education and mentoring.

Qualifications in Finance & Small Business Management as well as studying psychology, coaching, speaking and the online business world give Samantha an incredible insight into what makes people and the businesses they are involved with succeed in the 21st Century.

Samantha creates a strong and immediate magnetic connection by using her vibrant communication skills as well as her intuition, capacity for immense empathy and inclusive modalities. An expert at what she does she expects the best from herself and drives others to focus on constantly bringing out the best of themselves.

Motivated and conscious of even the smallest details she focuses on adding value every step of the way.

Samantha’s broad range of experience in the business and showbiz worlds make her a wonderful fit to MC events, host a conference panel or warm up a crowd (virtual or in person).