We all dream, right? So there’s nothing wrong with having big dreams for your business and life. Including the products you want to create, sell or be a part of. The problem is making those dreams a reality.
We have all heard Martin Luther King Jnr say those incredible words “I have a dream today.” His dream was huge. Considerably larger than most people could hope to imagine in their lifetime, yet he shouted it out loud for the whole world to hear.
Are you scared to admit your dreams? If you are, chances are – you will not see them come to fruition. It’s that declaration, followed by action that makes dreams turn into reality.
I have a big dream for my life. A big dream for my business and products. A big dream for my daughter – that’s an easy one, my dream for her is that she dreams big and goes for it.
How do you know when a product dream for example is the right one for you?
Easy – it makes you go mmmmmmm. You know what I mean. You can picture yourself, feel yourself creating it, selling it, talking about it, delivering it, living it, being it with every breath you take.
If it doesn’t, as Marie Forleo say ‘give you the cyp factor’ then chances are, it’s not right for you. So dream again.
Let go of the dreams that don’t serve you – oops, I’m sounding woo woo.
Don’t forget that what may seem like a dream to you, could be reality for someone else. Follow that person!!! They have walked where you want to walk. They are the kind of people you need as a mentor. If you can’t get them as a mentor, read their books, listen to interviews, buy their products etc etc. If your dream is to start a retail biz – follow all the retail leaders, if it’s to go to space – retail might not be the books for you.
Back to products – how unusual, me getting side tracked.
You probably can’t start selling your dream product first step off the mat. You can however create and sell products that will lead you there. Let’s look at an example below.

Baby steps – but you get to your big picture dream of a worldwide franchise selling your dream products.
Too often we try and start at the end – then we fall flat on our arses, feel shit about ourselves and then give up!!! Don’t let this become the pattern of your life.
I’ll share a little bit of my big picture product dream with you. I LOVE to speak. I LOVE to Entertain, Educate and Empower business owners. Especially women. One day, I will travel the world speaking every school holidays of my daughters life. I will own a retreat and seminar centre where I run my workshops in Australia – and there will be scholarship places every year for single mums to attend everything I do.
Remember in the words of Rachel Hunter ‘It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen’