Coming out of the (business) closet

Firstly – before anyone yells at me for being politically incorrect, I do feel like I’m coming out of the business closet, and as someone that came out of the other kind of closet at 18

Samantha Leith - Don’t Be A Dick

[365 Days of Extraordinary] Day 85 Transcript: Don’t Be A Dick

What’s with the dancing Sam? Okay, so tonight, I want to tell you, ‘Don’t be a dick.’ All right. Now what do I mean? So, I’ll preface it by saying,…

Getting Your Arse To The Gym, Or How To Get Motivated on Sunday - Samantha Leith

[365 Days of Extraordinary] Day 84 Transcript: Getting Your Arse To The Gym, Or How To Get Motivated on Sunday!

Here I am Sunday morning I’m not driving, promise. I said never said I’d do that, but I’m a bit early for my gym class. I don’t want to go…

Samantha Leith - Conversation Starters That Don't Suck

[365 Days of Extraordinary] Day 83 Transcript: A Stranger Walks Into A Room….. Conversation Starters That Don’t Suck.

Oh, I’m late again. Have I got wifi on? Hang on. I don’t know. Yeah, here we go. It’s working. Bloody internet. So conversation starters that don’t suck. Recently I’ve…


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