Coming out of the (business) closet

Firstly – before anyone yells at me for being politically incorrect, I do feel like I’m coming out of the business closet, and as someone that came out of the other kind of closet at 18

Samantha Leith - The Optmist Creed

[365 Days of Extraordinary] Day 44 Transcript: The Optimist Creed

Good evening. Got a bit of a face on tonight. I did some filming today. A little side project was … Actually, no that’s irrelevant. Start again. If only we…

Samantha Leith - Be Who You Were Meant To Be

[365 Days of Extraordinary] Day 43 Transcript: Be Who You Were Meant To Be

Good evening. Happy Monday, yeah, I’ve gone back to my [happies 00:00:03]. I want to talk tonight a little bit about something by Rachel Hollis podcast actually with Ed Mylett…

Samantha Leith - Honour The Commitments You Make To Yourself

[365 Days of Extraordinary] Day 42 Transcript: Honour The Commitments You Make To Yourself

Hi guys. Sunday, yes, Sunday afternoon. Today I wanted to talk a little bit about honoring the commitments you make to yourself. We are often the, I’ve heard this a…


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