Coming out of the (business) closet

Firstly – before anyone yells at me for being politically incorrect, I do feel like I’m coming out of the business closet, and as someone that came out of the other kind of closet at 18

Samantha Leith Career changes

[365 Days of Extraordinary] Day 363 Transcript: Career Changes

Hey. Tuesday night, yes, we’re catching up. We’re going to get there. We’re nearly done. I wanted to talk tonight about career changes. So, I had this conversation with… This…

Samantha Leith Mirror Exercise

[365 Days of Extraordinary] Day 362 Transcript: Mirror Exercise

Hey gang. So as you know, in these Facebook lives, I somehow managed to stuff up the numbering when I was saving them in Facebook. So according to me, I…

Samantha Leith Birth

[365 Days of Extraordinary] Day 361 Transcript: Birth

Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday dear Samantha. Happy birthday to me. Yes, it’s my birthday today. I think I’m doing okay for 46. Sorry, tears…


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