The difference between a goal and a dream

What is the difference between a goal and a dream??? I have dreams and I have goals. Most people have dreams, but only a small percentage of the population cement these dreams into achievable goals.

A dream is the biggest thing of all. To dream is amazing, but sometimes we need to be a little more realistic.

I have a dream of owning a super yacht. It would be chartered out 10 months a year, and so would become a business and personal pleasure. Is this a goal of mine? No, because I can’t put a time frame on getting it, I can’t measure my success towards getting it and I don’t even know which one I want.

I have a smaller goal towards this dream which is to get back into sailing, starting in February 2011. One day or evening a month. This is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely!!!! I’ve researched doing it, joined a group that I can sail with, and have been organising myself so I can do it.

I spent years of my childhood living on a 50ft ketch called ‘The Red Highlander’. My family no longer own it, which saddens me, but hasn’t stopped me from my dream. I know when I get out on to open water, or even sit in a park by the harbour my whole view of the world changes. Everything is ok when I am on or near water. Which begs me to ask the question, why on earth do my daughter and I live in an apartment which doesn’t have a pool, let alone be located anywhere near the water??? I know, it’s because in Sydney to live with a pool or by the water you need lots of money or you need to be the kind of person that can find a bargain and do it up. Neither of which is me. It will be one day though….see another dream of mine.

Every goal I set is a step to take me to my dreams. Each decision I make in business, and personally will lead me to my dreams. Are your goals leading you towards you dreams or to the dreams of someone in your life? Chances are you won’t achieve you goals if they are not inline with your bigger dreams. I have learnt this over and over again, I should rephrase that. I have been shown this time and time again, I think now I have finally got it into my head. Yeah!!!!!

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Why living your life is so important

With all the tragedy that has gone on in the world recently, it’s no wonder so many of us are taking stock and asking ourselves the million dollar questions. What would I do if I was only given a few more days, weeks, months?

The reality is, not everyone gets this chance – but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be asking ourselves the same questions. I ask you to take 30min out of your day and ask yourself these questions:

1/ What is the line you want on the front page of your funeral booklet?
2/ What is said in the speeches at your funeral by a family member, a workmate and someone whose life you touched?
3/ If money was not a problem (the #1 thing for holding us back), what would you do tomorrow and the day after etc?
4/ Is there one passion or dream that you have never fulfilled that is sitting in your soul waiting to burst out? If so, what is it?
5/ When was the last time you felt crazy with happiness?

We’ll do more work on these questions later, but for now, please just take a moment to remember those that are not getting this opportunity. Some of us are so blessed to be as we are. Not deep in the turmoil of war, or stricken by the angry hand of Mother Nature or even repressed by our sex, colour, race or location.

I for one am thankful.

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