The Power of Flow

Flow. You know, that feeling when everything is aligned and you are on fire!!!! Don’t you wish you could have that feeling everyday? Unfortunately, reality (ie the shit hits the fan) sometimes and you can feel like crap – but when it’s all going well, woo hoo!!!! The Power of FlowSo how do you know when you are in Flow? It’s easy. That’s it. Plain and simple. The tasks that you have to do, the clients you have to contact, the research you have to do – all just happens.
  • Comparatitis disappears
  • You feel proud talking about what you are doing
  • You feel stronger, healthier and more energetic
  • Bad habits fall away (eating, shopping, drinking etc)
  • Your relationships improve
  • You walk a little taller
  • Issues don’t seem as big
I could list a million other things………….but that might bore you. Think about the water pictured. It doesn’t question – Is the waterfall up the road prettier, faster, quieter?? No it just is. When you feel like that – it’s Flow. Can you fake Flow? I don’t think you can fake Flow, but I know you can think you’re in Flow – but you’re actually not. Been there done that. That’s when you do enjoy what you do, and there’s nothing staring you in the face as really big problems – so it’s ok. You get what you need to get done completed. You get clients. You show up. But that it’s. Nothing spectacular happens. When you are in Flow – that’s when magic can happen. Over the last couple of weeks I have been working on a new project, and I am a different person. It’s not that I wasn’t me before, or working well. Nothing was wrong at all, but now it just feels so right. I think this can actually be a little hard to explain. It’s one of those things that when you know, you know. Like finally getting a pair of heels that don’t hurt. You think to yourself, why wasn’t it like this before, or why didn’t I do this faster. Then the beating yourself up comes to play. DON’T. Stop right there. If you are in Flow it’s for a reason, and the rest has just been a part of the journey. Other ways you can think about Flow.
  • Your A Game
  • Your Zone of Genius
  • Being aligned with your Passions
When you are working in Flow. Nothing else matters. You’re not suddenly drawn to that nights episode of MasterChef. You have the ability to focus on each singular task till it’s done. That’s a very important point. You see, I am not a believer in multi tasking. You can multi think – but multi tasking is hard, and usually ineffective, so why bother. You are much better off focusing on one thing at a time, and getting it done well….and it’s easier when you are in Flow!!!! Things to remember about what you do…..
  • Be passionate
  • Ditch It, Delegate It, Leverage It and Live It
  • Focus on you and your business, not what is going on around you
  • Take time out to figure out what you need to tweak to be in Flow
I did a full life audit. Every job, every business, all my personal projects.
  • Worked out what I loved and what I loathed
  • What I was good at and what I was not so good at
  • The people I loved to be around
  • The BIG picture of my future
  • The things that inspire me daily
All will be revealed in time, but with a couple of small tweaks – I am more aligned and in Flow now than I have ever been. Now I actually understand Flow from an experience point of view, rather than an intellectual one. DO IT!!!!!! This weekend, take an hour out of your day (or more if you want / need) and do a mini life audit. I promise, even with a couple of changes you will do more, be more and feel more, by being in Flow.

What happens when you turn 40? A Life Audit. Part 2

So last week I had all these questions running around and around my mind!!!! This week, I’ve come up with some answers…..yeah. Now I know this is not all business related, but I believe when you have your own business, it is as much a personal development journey as it is a business one – and when you’re a Business Coach like I am, you owe it to yourself and your clients, to be really honest about this stuff. In fact – if I was to pick one thing that was the most important thing you could ever do in life, it would be self honesty. Not self beating up because you’re crap at everything. Not self sabotage. Not self abuse. Not self harm – just honesty plain and simple. The good and the bad. From what you eat, to who you don’t really like, be 100% honest about it with yourself. Honesty And sometimes…….we share. So what have I come up with?? If I only had 2 months to live, I would be working as little as possible, trying every remedy on the planet and spending time with Elodie – but let’s not think about that one, it’s toooo depressing, and my heart aches for people that are truly in that situation. Believe me, I’m not making light of this situation by asking this question – it’s merely a discovery about what is truly important. Bottom line is – it’s my health and Elodie. Now if I won lotto, there are many aspects of my business that would stay and some would change. I would have a much bigger team, so I could just do the bits I truly truly truly love. Speaking, writing, events, high price coaching. I would also spend more time on product development for my side businesses (I am The Entrepreneurial Diva after all) which would increase my passive income considerably. I would build my retreat and seminar centre, and offer all sorts of programs for people, especially those that need financial assistance to start their own business. If we could live anywhere in the world, it would probably still be Sydney, but we would relocate for 2 months every Christmas, and experience life in another place. My perfect day / week / month / year looks a little like this.
  • Up early, exercise, work, school with Elodie, clients / workshop / networking / event, school with Elodie, home to hang out, bed (a special cuddle would be nice).
  • Week is 5 days work, 2 days off, 1 social thing with friends / family, 1 networking event, 1 theatrical event (movie, show, concert), 1 pamper thing.
  • Month has 1 day sailing, 1 day trip out of Sydney, 1 social event at home and 1 business event of my own
  • Year. 12 weeks off. A long weekend every 3 months. No work in school holidays. Relocate every Xmas and 1 ski trip, 1 sailing trip, 1 staycation every year. Every event / seminar I want to go to.
If I could have any number / type of team around me – what would that look like? I still have work to do on this one, but with the changes I have been making it is getting a lot easier to work with the right people, and I now have a pretty good team around me. As my business grows, I do know who I need to add, and what I need them to be doing. I have a clear income goal to allow me each additional person – or extension of hours. Whilst, I am ok with my current weight, I would still like to shift the last 15 kgs, some of which will be done my surgery. So as of July 1st, I’m back to the gym, and cutting down on the incidental calories – the alcohol, and nibbly food that adds empty calories to your day. My social life is where I really want to pick up the pieces. I’m going to start having dinner parties / lunches etc again. I love doing it, but have let it go from my life. No more. I’m also picking up the phone and calling a friend everyday again…..there is life outside Facebook!!! Heart singing moments for me – all involve entertaining or Elodie. Entertaining from the stage (I’m going to start singing again – not for the $$ but because I miss it and I love it), entertaining clients with events, and entertaining friends…..and anything with Elodie. Sailing is also going to come back into the mix, because it’s 2nd only to me being on stage in front of a huge crowd to making me feel alive. Finances – well, self honesty again here. I have a huge mortgage and other financial responsibilities, so I’m really going to be working on shifting the scales between what comes in and what goes out. Simple things – the credit card has been taken out of my wallet. I don’t need it there – if it’s there you can justify those additional purchases, so I’m not going to tempt myself!!! Relationships is a hard one for me, because one of my highest desires is being liked by people – but I am practising saying no, being stronger with some people and having better boundaries. I think one of the mistakes we can make with this, is wanting to explain to people what’s going on. It’s actually not a conversation you need to have with them (sometimes it’s appropriate), you simply need to change your behaviour. Even if you haven’t just had a milestone birthday, I would encourage you to do this exercise (or a similar one). As the new financial year kicks off in just a few days, I have so much clarity around shifts that need to be made. I know my 41st year is going to be an awesome one!!!! If you want an injection of Awesome, check out this video from an Awesome modern day poet – Sekou Andrews. The Awesome Anthem – Sekou Andrews