Creating Your Signature System

Smart Signature System with Samantha Leith When you sell physical products you usually have a ‘signature’ product. You know, that one thing that is simply amazing, that all your clients love and you sell again and again and again. It’s the same when you are in a service based business – you have to have a Signature System. It’s not an if or maybe, it’s a MUST. That one thing that people know you for and you can leverage and sell over and over again. There are some legends out there in the Information Products area – Marie Forleo, Ali Brown, Suzanne Evans, Denise Duffield-Thomas and Leonie Dawson to name a few…..I could go on for pages with that list, and that would still only be the chicks! One thing you will see with ALL OF THEM is that they are known to be specialists in a particular area, and have a Signature System (ok, so some of them have more than 1). So how do you do it? Well here’s my Top 5 Tips for Creating Your Signature System:
  1. Be 100% clear on who your ideal client is and what the end result they can get from your Signature System
  2. Workshop your Signature System with your own business till you know it really works (maybe do some beta testing too)
  3. Map out and create out the best methodology for delivering this amazing Signature System to your clients
  4. Launch it before you perfect it
  5. Give your customers an amazing experience then fix up anything that didn’t work so well, rinse and repeat
Sounds simple, right? Well it bloody well should be!! The biggest issue is we either get stuck on who it’s for or actually launching it (I should know, I have fallen into this trap many a time). Launched imperfect is much better then on a shelf and perfect. Because, guess what? There is no such thing as perfect. It’s different for every person you will ever meet. As the saying goes J.F.D.I (Just F’ing Do It). The most important aspect of creating your signature system, is, I think – knowing that it works for your dream client when they follow it step by step. We love step by step. Well, that’s a lie really. Most of us actually like reinventing the wheel, but step by step is SO much more productive and effective (most of the time). Have a browse around and check out some Signature Systems. Head on over to Facebook and share what you think about them, and if you’re having some issues with creating yours I can always help you in a Strategy Call – you can sign up for one back on the Samantha Leith Home Page.

What do you do with a great Small Business Idea?

So you have an idea for a business – fantastic. What a great place to start? Then, you have another small business idea, then another small business idea, then another small business idea. Before you know it you a book of small business ideas. You feel amazing. What is this incredible energy and this abundance of inspiration? Oh oh. Then reality hits. Your book of great small business ideas is full – but you haven’t made a bloody cent! I suggest as many business coaches do, that you always carry a notebook or recording device. These days, most of us have an iPhone or other smart phone that we can record record and take notes with. I have lots of small business ideas – some of them I’ve tried, others are in the ‘maybe’ pile and some will never see the late of day because they were bloody stupid to start with!!! Not everybody can be Richard Branson and have a gazillion successful business ideas. Don’t forget the reality for him and Virgin is that they haven’t all been successful. What sets Richard Branson apart from the average person is action (ok so there’s probably more then 1 thing that sets him apart – anyone been to Necker Island yet?). What do I mean by action? Well you can’t have an idea, register a business name, company or url and hope it all happens. You need a business plan for starters. I don’t mean the huge tomb that you needed back in the day to get bank finance. I’m talking a 1 or 2 page mini plan (which I can help you with by the way) to see if your business idea has legs. I suggest setting aside a few hours to work on this (and do some research). Remember this is a ‘legs’ test, not your new business bible. The you need to ask yourself the following 8 questions to work out if it is a great small business idea.
  1. What makes me Passionate about this idea?
  2. Where does this fit into my grand Plan?
  3. What is the actual Product I will be offering and do people want / need it?
  4. How much will it cost and will I make a Profit?
  5. What People do I need on my team in order to make this happen?
  6. How do we set up the Production of this product or service?
  7. How will I Promote it?
  8. How will my Performance impact in it’s success (who do I need to be, what do I need to do)?
Now as you can see this is by no means a full Smart Business Plan. What this is, is a guide to see if you want to take it to the next step. I can tell you from experience that lots of people stop at question 1 (including me). When they realise that it’s not all about the money for them and they really couldn’t give a flying who flung dung about selling ergonomically correct back scratchers they will generally move on to the next idea. One day maybe I’ll write a list of all the crap ideas I’ve had….no I might get depressed when I realise someone is actually making money out of doing some of them!!!! So what do you do when you see that your small business idea is actually a great small business idea? Then and only then, do you take the time to really work on your Smart Business Plan. Then and only then do you take action to make it all happen. Some people do this by giving 100% energy to each idea as it comes along and others (like me) like to dip their toes in the water and see if anybody will have a nibble first. If this fills you with dread and you think ‘no, people will see me as a failure if I try something and then stop it’, you need to get over yourself. As I’ve said before, most people don’t give a shit or remember what we have done on our business journey. Till you’re as big as Richard Branson, then someone will write a book about it and they will bring up those back scratchers!!! By then, will you really care what people think? Good luck with your ideas. You have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain by giving any idea a go. Just take it slow, see if your small business idea has legs and then see how far you can go.