Goal Getters Paint Their Pictures On Dreams

“A painter paints his pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence.” Leopold Stokowski

I say goal getters paint their pictures on dreams.

Yes dreams.

After all a goal comes from a dream.  Without the dream there is no goal, and no, it’s not a chicken or egg scenario – the dream or vision comes first.  

SO what exactly do I mean by this?  I’ll boil it down into 3 parts and yes, I’ll continue with the painting & the musical analogies (I do love a good analogy – don’t you?).

The dreams you have for your life or business are just like the vision an artist has in their head, or a musician has humming around inside.  It’s the idea of something to be completed.  A story if left untold will eat away at you.  I believe it’s your job in life to see these dreams to fruition.

Nobody wants to die with dreams left inside.  I know chances are we probably all do die with some left unformed – but what a waste of a life, if you don’t develop any or most of them!

So what do you do with that dream? You explore it, you expand on it, you chunk it down – you do everything you can to make it happen.  You take massive action towards it…..every-single-day. For the creatives the outline on the canvas or the notes on the scorepad would be the next step.  So what’s the Goal Getters?  This is where you nut out the big steps needed to get you to that end result.  The big marks on the map to your destination.  When doing this with goals, I would suggest 3-5 of these markers.

Then you get to the actual goals, or in the case of the creatives it would be the colour & texture on the canvas and the lyrics & instrumentation of the music.  For this step there may be many bite size goals, or a few bigger ones – again dependant on the dream.  I would stress though, no more than 3 -5 goals at a time.  Your brain & heart simply can’t cope with anymore at once.  Apart from anything else, it’s a time management nightmare….arghghg.  Trust me, I’ve stuffed this one up many a time.

It’s in the goals that the magic happens.  With each success your confidence is built and the path to your dreams becomes clearer and more meaningful.  Sure there will be setbacks (don’t ever kid yourself that there won’t be), but those setbacks actually build your goal getting muscles.  With each one you get stronger and more willing to do what it takes to achieve what you want.  These setbacks also test your dream – if the setback knocks you way off course, chances are, that dream is not the one you should currently be going for.

This random dream popped into my head, so we’ll go with it as an example. Crazy given it’s never actually been anywhere in my written dreams.

Big Dream

To be living in Paris speaking French or Vivre à Paris et parler français

Yes, I did have to Google that.


Speak French

Set up current business to be run from anywhere

Sell / rent our home and find a Parisian base

Nuts and bolts (schooling, visas, shipping)



Remember I do believe goals need to be SMART

It’s the 31st December 2020 and I feel très fabuleux that I speak fluent French.

You get the gist.

What I love about looking at Going For Goal’d in this way, is that the overarching dreams often have no deadline.  Some things need time to happen.  They can’t be forced.

What’s a dream in your heart that you are desperate to get onto a canvas?

View past non-achievement, not as failure, but as learning

After all these years, I am still involved in the process of self-discovery.

It’s better to explore life and make mistakes than to play it safe.

Mistakes are part of the dues one pays for a full life.

– Sophia Loren

One of the biggest hurdles to achieving what we want in life is the ability to move on from the past.  We all allow our past successes and failures to define who we are (“I am a failure because I did X or did not do Y”).  We hang on to a past success like a banner declaring how great we are; or carry the weight of a past failure like a ball and chain.  One of these days I’ll do a post listing 100 times I’ve failed. It will be a beauty! But allow me to offer you a different way to see the past.  You are not what you did.  Those are actions, they had consequences, and they are part of your life experience, but they do not define you.
  • Sometime in the past couple of years, you enjoyed a success.
  • Sometime in the past week, maybe you did the dishes but left the bathroom messy.
  • Sometime in the past couple of years, you may have messed up, big time.
  • Sometime in the past year, you spoke in anger.
I’m using these examples to get you to think about your past as a series of experiences, not as “this is what I am”.  These are things you did, but they should live in your personal history book as memories, not as pedestals or crutches. We learn from our successes, but our greatest teachers are the failures.  Congratulate yourself on your successes.  Take full ownership of your mistakes, learn from them, and forgive yourself for them.  And then, give yourself permission to move on. Your exercise for today is to write what you perceive to be your past successes, and on a separate sheet of paper, your past failures.  Keep it short and simple.  Just the facts.  It’s important you don’t judge yourself – just state the raw data about the event.  For example, “I did not run the ½ marathon.” Then, for each success and each failure, write down what you were thinking and doing that created that result.  For example, “Training was hard in the beginning.  It hurt!  I was sore all the time.  I didn’t believe I could run that far so I stopped training after 3 weeks.”  Again, just the facts, not judgments. The next step is cathartic.  You know how your mind loves to rehash the dramas of the past?  Oh yes!  We all spend tons of time and mental energy wishing we could turn back the clock and fix things.  Of course you cannot relive the past, but for all the mental energy spent back there, you may as well be – at the expense of what is going on in your life right now!  Here’s your chance to put that to rest, forever! For each failure, write down what you wish you could do again.  Make it a formal declaration of what you would have done differently.  Get it out of your head onto a piece of paper.  You might write something like, “I would have stuck to my training plan instead of taking the easy way out, because I would have seen progress and it would have inspired me to keep going.  I would not have given in to laziness.  I would have been tougher with myself and seen it through to the end.”  Write it down, really take in the meaning of what you just wrote, and LET IT GO.  Shred or burn that paper!  That is the last time you need to think about that event.  Let the act of processing the event “formally” like this, be the closure.  Say to yourself, “now I know exactly what to do if this situation comes up again.” By creating something positive out of that experience, and “solving” it, you can LET IT GOYour mind has processed the event, come up with a great solution, and now, you have given your mind the command to move on! Do you see the immense power in this?  Do you see how you can immediately turn every single failure into a valuable learning experience? Don’t let the past dictate your future.  Your goals don’t have to have any conditions attached to them.  Just because you couldn’t achieve something in the past, that does NOT mean you can’t do it now.  Every single past experience has been a stepping-stone for your success, if you learn from it!

Go For Goal’d by letting go of your past.