Firstly – before anyone yells at me for being politically incorrect, I do feel like I’m coming out of the business closet, and as someone that came out of the other kind of closet
at 18, I figure, I’m allowed to poke a bit of fun at it!Elodie Rose is my second child (the first is also, a gorgeous girl called Elodie Rose), born after years of ‘bright object chasing’ and ‘sensible’ jobs.


After spending my teens and 20’s as a professional singer – with sensible jobs (retail management and bookkeeping) on the side (I was never one for being the broke muso in a share house with the tv on a milk crate), I discovered direct sales, and became a Sales Manager with Australia’s #1 skin care company Nutrimetics. I loved it. The personal and business development, the people, the product, the trips, the car – all of it, then it stopped. I drove my car back into the Nutrimetics car park when my daughter was about 12 months old. I had found as a single mother, I couldn’t manage the weekend work. I needed a job that I could do during day care hours. In hindsight, I could have done my bookings during the week with other mums, so many of them now do….. oops.


Back to a sensible job for me and I became the Financial Controller of a publishing company and for my families bath & body products company. Boredom set in. There had to be something better than this (as the song goes), so I started chasing objects – which I would later discover were actually all of the pieces of the puzzle that became Elodie Rose.


  • I started my own online and offline retail shop. Loved it, the products and the people, but something was missing.
  • Started The Whole Shebang, offering flexible business solutions to businesses from mums. Loved it, giving work to women, but something was missing.
  • I began speaking to audiences on business and personal development. Loved it, the speaking and the people, but something was missing.
  • Gave Personal Development a go with My Goal Friend a 52 week program to help you achieve your goals. Loved helping people achieve their goals but something was missing.
  • Ran The Passion Test workshops. Loved it, The Passion Test changed my life but something was missing.
  • Ran an 8 week Smart Not Hard Business and the Jump Into January program. Loved it, the program and the people, but something was missing.
  • Did VIP strategy and planning days. Loved them, business plans and the people, but something was missing.
  • Started the Smart Not Hard Academy online. Loved it, the business development and the people, but something was missing.


There’s more, but you get the picture. Can you see a pattern??? Well, it took me a wee while to notice.


Then it changed. In early 2014 I went to Cannes, France for a trade fair and I was surrounded by glorious products and people. Bingo. That was it, when I got back I would only offer my services to people with product based businesses, not service based. You see, I love stuff.


It worked for a while. But I would find myself coming off calls, or leaving a strategy day with dreams and visions that were beyond what my clients had requested, and sometimes even beyond what their businesses were. A fire had been lit.


Then I was at a networking function. 32 people. 8 business coaches. I was the only one with financial and small business training, and the only one that had owned a business (apart from their current coaching businesses). I thought – how the F do I compete with that, and to be be honest – I don’t want to.


I ignored the fire – as most people do, till I turned 40 in June 2014. Then I did what I call a Life Audit. I wrote out everything I had ever done, and I mean everything. From technical help with a telco, to managing a home wares store, singing with Barnsey and everything in-between. The good, the bad and the indifferent.


Wanna know what stuck out? I loved speaking, I loved singing, I loved helping people grow, and I LOVED being in Direct Sales.


  • The commission structure
  • The possibility
  • The people
  • The product
  • The incentives
  • The events
  • The business building
  • The helping others


I could go on. Did I want to go back? No, I’m not a believer in going back. I wanted to build one from the ground up.


So then I started thinking about products I love….and accessories won the day. Even at 133.5kgs I was complimented on my accessories and how well I was ‘put together’.


After researching the market place in Australia and listening and reading everything I could get my hands on, Elodie Rose was born. In the end it was a no brainer.


  • Great product
  • Great people
  • Business development
  • Personal development
  • Fabulous events
  • High touch and high tech



My aim is to have Elodie Rose as the name on every woman’s lips when they are asked ‘where did you get that gorgeous…….?’


Elodie Rose is leading a revolution in relationship retail, offering fabulous fashion accessories to the Australian woman.


We work with designers and manufacturers to create stylish and timeless, quality pieces as well as the latest on trend items at very reasonable prices.


We’re bringing the ‘yes factor’ back into direct sales with our unique model that allows our Stylists to serve their customers in many ways. VIP Styling Sessions, via the Elodie Rose App, their own online store or using our Pop Up Shop model.


What’s especially fabulush is our VIP Clients are then able to order for themselves, with the app, online or by joining the Style Clique – for their seasonal subscription.


Our clients are VIPS

Our stylists are VIPS

Our staff are VIPS

Quality products at a great price

Delivered on time, every time

With commissions paid on time, every time


Elodie Rose is creating a story, a history of thousands of people who have been able to create a business and lifestyle that they love. From the at home mum who as a part time stylist gets the ‘me money’ she wants, to our senior management with incredible earning potential and fabulous rewards.


We provide our stylists with the Education and Empowerment that they need to build success on their own terms, and as a high touch, high tech company we give them access to the latest tools to support that success.


Elodie Rose is in Sneak Peak mode now….giving a select few a look at our products and our biz. If you’re interested in having a look please email


We will be on the look out for 20 members of the “(Wo)men on a Mission Founders Club” starting in February 2015, so stay tuned for what will be an amazing opportunity for men and women who want to say yes to having real relationships with their clients, selling fabulush product and creating a lifestyle that they thought was only on posters!