When you sell physical products you usually have a ‘signature’ product. You know, that one thing that is simply amazing, that all your clients love and you sell again and again and again. It’s the same when you are in a service based business – you have to have a Signature System. It’s not an if or maybe, it’s a MUST. That one thing that people know you for and you can leverage and sell over and over again.

There are some legends out there in the Information Products area – Marie Forleo, Ali Brown, Suzanne Evans, Denise Duffield-Thomas and Leonie Dawson to name a few…..I could go on for pages with that list, and that would still only be the chicks! One thing you will see with ALL OF THEM is that they are known to be specialists in a particular area, and have a Signature System (ok, so some of them have more than 1).

So how do you do it? Well here’s my Top 5 Tips for Creating Your Signature System:

  1. Be 100% clear on who your ideal client is and what the end result they can get from your Signature System
  2. Workshop your Signature System with your own business till you know it really works (maybe do some beta testing too)
  3. Map out and create out the best methodology for delivering this amazing Signature System to your clients
  4. Launch it before you perfect it
  5. Give your customers an amazing experience then fix up anything that didn’t work so well, rinse and repeat

Sounds simple, right? Well it bloody well should be!! The biggest issue is we either get stuck on who it’s for or actually launching it (I should know, I have fallen into this trap many a time). Launched imperfect is much better then on a shelf and perfect. Because, guess what? There is no such thing as perfect. It’s different for every person you will ever meet. As the saying goes J.F.D.I (Just F’ing Do It).

The most important aspect of creating your signature system, is, I think – knowing that it works for your dream client when they follow it step by step. We love step by step. Well, that’s a lie really. Most of us actually like reinventing the wheel, but step by step is SO much more productive and effective (most of the time).

Have a browse around and check out some Signature Systems. Head on over to Facebook and share what you think about them, and if you’re having some issues with creating yours I can always help you in a Strategy Call – you can sign up for one back on the Samantha Leith Home Page.