Good evening. Happy Saturday. I got asked a question the other day on message about, to talk a little bit more about what I call my [inaudible 00:00:11]. Because I have said in the past a couple of times when I’m journaling that I… I’m onto book three for the year. I write out my power statements every day and someone asked for some more clarification on that. So that’s what I’m doing.

So I actually thought on that, if you ever have a question and it could be something, I might not actually know anything about it, but if you have a question, send me a message or tag me in a post, ask the question. And if I can’t answer it because I don’t know the information, I’ll find out the information or I might even find someone to come on alive. That would be pretty cool. We’ll work out how to do that and give you the answer because that’s what this is all about. Me learning, you learning, sharing, that’s the way the world goes round.

So what I mean by my power statements is I write five things every day in my journal that are words that I want to embody. So obviously, I talk a lot about unleashing extraordinary… Extraordinary is a word I use all the time. Limitless is obviously a word I use all the time. This year my word of the year was rich. So that’s a word I am using a lot. And I have, as much as I can around me to kind of embody that word. In fact, I’d go so far… Every year I get this done, whatever my word of the year is, I have a word cloud made for that word. And I have it in like screensavers and pictures around the place. So this year my word was rich, so I had this. It’s a Chinese symbol for wealth, I think. I hope they didn’t… Clearly I’m not Chinese, but I was told that.

Pinterest - The tongue has no bones, but is strong enough to break a heart. So be careful with your words - Samantha LeithSo it’s got all the things I kind of feel that you can be rich in. So, it’s money, it’s sensuality, it’s dreams, it’s my health, education. All sorts of words in there that I want to be rich in my life in. So I believe in the power of words so much. As you can probably tell.

Back to the power words because we did digress there. So I kind of… And I don’t know if other people do it, I haven’t been told to do it in anything, in any journal practices I’ve done before. But it felt right to me. And I started off by saying one sentence when I started at the beginning of the year. And I started with the one sentence and then I thought… And then I started adding other things in. So now, as we’ve gotten through the year, I now write five every single day.

And they’re based on things from The Desire Map or things from kind of how I want to feel, how I want to be, what I want to embody in life. So my current five words, I’ll let you know are I am brave. I am rich. I am strong. I am sexy. I am ambitious. So they’re the five things, my five power sentences that I write every single day. And I’ve had a couple of people in the last few months say to me, “Gosh, that was so brave of you, Sam.” And I’m like, “Been writing it every day. This shit works. Oh my God, I’m going to…” I know it’s not the act of just writing it that makes these things happen. It’s about what you do, and it’s your actions that change things. It’s not just the act of writing it. But I truly believe that the more I’m writing these things, the more I feel them, the more I think them, the more I want them, the more I see them around me. The more I… I’m going to use the word embody again. The more I embody those phrases.

And you’ve heard me talk before about when you are goal setting, you want to be able to… Like Danielle LaPorte says, you’re trying to go for a feeling that that goal will give you. That that achievement will give you. How will you feel about yourself? What will you think about yourself? So there are words out there that you know you want to feel. I want to feel [inaudible 00:04:22]. I feel brave. I feel strong. So they kind of become part of you. So I really, really do think it works.

So, it took me a while to actually get the file I was really, really happy with. So the first one I started writing at the beginning of the year, was I am rich. And I just kept doing that because of my word. And then I added, I am brave and I fiddled around with a few and it didn’t… They just didn’t feel right until I got to that five.

So if you haven’t read The Design Map, I do encourage you to do so. You can also go online and there’s probably some free PDFs about different design app words. [inaudible 00:04:59]. And actually, in the cover she has all these different kind of feeling words. So thankful, natural, meaningful, magic, mindful, spontaneous, excellent, expansion, luminous. Isn’t luminous a good word?I am luminous. I’m natural. I’m harmonious, I’m awesome. I’m receptive, I’m abundant. There’s all these things. So I’ve kind of done my twist on them, I guess, is what I’m saying.

So, write a list. Come up with 10, 20 words that feel great to you. I am… I just keep going back to my five now, that’s so funny. I’m inventive or I’m innovative. I am flexible. I’m spontaneous. I am something you just kind of walk the talk for, I guess. Find 20, write them. For a couple of days write them out, all of them. And you’ll kind of know which one feels better as you’re writing it and get yourself your list of five. And then every day, like I say, it’s a habit. It’s a habit. It’s a habit. It’s a habit. It’s a habit, a habit. Journal, gratitude, your five power statements and your goals. Just get into the habit, guys. It makes such a difference.
So there’re my five power words, five power sentences, five power phrases, however you want to say it. I encourage you to do so. And start with a bigger list. So, start with those 20 words that kind of hit you in the head and you go, “Yes, that’s what I want. That’s what I want.” And then nail them down to five and see what happens. Then change them up.

And if you want any details about the guy I get to do my word cloud or anything like that, shoot me up with a message and I’ll connect you. Fiver. Five bucks, every year. Love it. And I’ve had lots of different symbols done. And I like that kind of visual reminder, which is interesting because I’m not a visual learner, but I’m weird on that stuff. So yeah, get your five, the top five and let me know what they are. I want to know.

Okay, bye. Happy Saturday.