Good evening. Happy Sunday. Giving it a whirl on my laptop again, very exciting. Got to look at the camera, not down here at the screen, that does my head in. You’d think I’d get used to it by now. So tonight’s topic is, what are you waiting for? In the words of Annie, “Tomorrow, tomorrow. I love you tomorrow. You’re always a day a way.” Yep, that’s right people, tomorrow never comes. So what the hell are you waiting for? Now, I’m not talking about just getting in and diving in, jumping into something straight away, full force. When the people say, “Just jump off the cliff and the safety net will appear.” I don’t believe that. But that’s my internal thing. Some people really do believe that. And for some people that becomes absolutely true. Myself, I’m a little more of a safety net kind of girl.

So what I want to encourage you to do is not wait, I can say this because I have been guilty of it, guilty as charged, is waiting till everything’s perfect to do something you want to do. Let’s go through some examples, okay. Waiting till your really rich to travel. Well, you actually don’t have to have a lot of money to travel. You can travel and do it on a great budget, and travel to amazing places, and feel like 1 million bucks without having actually spent $1 million. Another example, “Oh, I’m not going to wear a bikini till I get a bikini body.” Or hopefully we all saw the meme last year. That is like, “Do you have a body? Yes. Do you have a bikini? Yes. Then you have a bikini body.” So get over that stuff. Really highlighted that to me when I was in Italy a couple of years ago, in Sicily, that people of all shapes, sizes, ages were on the beach, totally, totally body confident in whatever they were wearing. It was fricking awesome. You have a body, you’ve got a bikini, you’ve got a bikini body.

Pinterest - What are you waiting for What are you saving for Now is all there is - Samantha LeithWhat’s another one we put off? “Oh, I’m going to put off my business until my business plan is perfect.” Well, guess what? Business plans are never perfect, shit always happens, and the road to success in any business is not a road like that, it is all sorts of stuff. So don’t wait for a perfect business plan, because there’s no such thing. And in fact, if you spend too long writing a business plan, you then don’t do the business. Okay, just heads up.

What about, “Oh, I want to wait till my CV is perfect before I apply for a job.” Well, heads up, people, hundreds if not thousands of people applying for jobs all the time. I know in one of my family businesses, they put an ad out for an accountant, I think she’s been there about 10 months now, and hundreds, hundreds of applications within an hour. Just amazing. So you know what? Just start. And as you get feedback, a lot of the time actually you don’t get feedback these days, you don’t even get an email saying, “Thanks. Sorry, better luck next time.” But just put it out there and tweak, make changes as you go.

These Facebook Lives, for example. I was frozen with the belief that I had to have whatever video content I put out into the world, perfect. I had to look great. I had to have my hair done. If I wasn’t completely scripted, I had to have really detailed notes so I never went astray. Well, I don’t believe that anymore. I just started and threw myself in the deep end. And now I get feedback from all sorts of places, and new clients, and it’s because I just started. I just did it.

What’s another one? “Oh, I’m not going to put myself on Tinder until I get my hair cut.” Yes, I did actually hear someone say that once. Well, what, are you putting a photo at the hairdresser’s on there? No, just start it, just start it, just start it, just start it. Okay?

So it’s Sunday, and I like to start my work, not, you know how there’s calendars that are Monday to Sunday and then there’s calendars that are Sunday to Saturday? They do my head in. The week is Monday to Sunday, people. Just anyone out there designing calendars or diaries, the week is Monday to Sunday. So tonight is your chance to do your refresh, reset. I’ve talked about it before, sitting down and looking at your week, how you did, what you’ve got on this week, where you’re going, all that kind of stuff. So tonight I want you to encourage, get out your trusty diary, go to tomorrow’s date, not July, that’s not going to help, is it? I’m actually about to sit down and do my diary for the week. That’s last week. This week doesn’t have much in it. Yep, that’s tonight’s job. Can’t even find the page. Social media content [inaudible 00:05:21].

There we go. See, nothing in this week as yet. It’s blank. It’s ready to start. Start something. So in here, write down something you’re going to start, start it imperfectly perfect, because the act of starting is where the perfection is. The act of starting is where you take action. The act of starting is where you start building your confidence muscle. The act of starting is where momentum happens.

So that’s all I want you to do. Pick one thing. It can be a diet, it could be a book you want to write, it could be a new gym program, it could be putting all your clothes away before you go to bed every night. But just start it, okay? None of this, “Tomorrow, tomorrow.” Because, guess what, the sun comes up every day, so make tomorrow the day where you start something new.

Let me know what you do. Email me, DM me, tag me, whatever. Let me know what you’re starting. Until tomorrow, have a great night.