Whatever we call it. On expectations, and resentment from expectations, and how that just really Fs us up big time. And unfortunately, Elody’s sick, so I have to go pick her up from school today. So, when I get home, when she’s sick, I have a no-work rule, if I can. During the daytime it’s okay, but at night it’s a no-work rule. So, I’m walking the dog, it’s Charlie. We’re in our beautiful neighborhood, and when I get home it’s phone off, computer off, TV off, and it’s chill with my daughter, cuddle my daughter, make her feel special, and that’s okay. My expectation with myself at the moment is the 365 lives.

So I’m doing right this to say I’m not doing it, if you know what I mean. But I’m still doing it. Well, because it’s a habit. It’s a muscle I’m trying to build. So, stay tuned tomorrow. It’ll be about 6:00 tomorrow night, and I really, really so much good stuff on expectations. So, I will see you all then, and have a great night. And it’s cold.