Okay, so I am actually in the toilet of my airplane, on my way home. It was so busy at the airport I couldn’t find a quiet place to do it. And I can’t miss today. And my flight is 11 hours, so then it will be the next day officially, and I can’t miss a day, cause then it’ll make me feel bad. So I’m in the toilet. Shh. Doing my Live. I feel, oh so much to share. But I think I’m going to write about it rather than video it. Cause I’ve done a lot of writing about everything over the last few days. Sometimes it actually feels better to write rather than talk. And for someone that’s a verbal communicator like myself, that’s weird. But you’ve got to go with what feels right.

Pinterest - Let go of the past, but keep the lessons it taught you - Samantha LeithSo I’m here, I’m doing my Live, come hell or high water. But any second the alarms going to go off and go, “Get out of the toilet, the plane’s taking off.” So I will be back tomorrow, in the land of Australia, and until then I really feel like I’m leaving a whole lot of stuff behind me, on the tarmac in LAX, and welcoming the new. So night night.