So here I am in Fiji, in the stopover between coming back from LA, and weird title for a live, Tears, God and what you were born to do. There’s been a few things that have happened on this trip that have made me have conversations with people about religion and faith and things like that. And there was one speaker, Anthony Trunks, who spoke about when his mother took her last breath he realized that at that moment when you die all your dreams are gone, everything’s gone, that’s it. And then as I mentioned in one of the other lives, when Brendan brought his mum up on stage, I was overcome with this intense, just intense pain of knowing my parents were never going to actually have ever seen me do what I really thought I was on this earth to do. And, hit me a truck, crying now thinking about it. Thankfully I had some beautiful people around me. And when I’ve got a full face of makeup on I’m one of those [Debbie-Debbie 00:01:23] criers, such a tosser, with that kind of thing, and I can’t help it.

So I made this commitment to myself that, as I left America and was coming back, that I would do everything in my power to be an example to my daughter of me living my dreams. So my parents don’t get to see it, but my daughter can see it. And that will, apart from how I vocally tell her that she has to follow her dreams and do what she wants with her life, that she’s going to witness it. Sorry. So I made myself that commitment.

And I was having this conversation with a couple of my friends that I met there, who were religious, about how someone like me, who’s not religious, I don’t believe in God, I believe something got the ball rolling, that this can’t just be it, it’s all too much of an incredible thing for this to just be it. But that I’ve often envied people their faith, which is ironic given envy is one of the seven deadly sins. But I’ve realized that I do have faith, I just have a different kind of faith. I have faith that we are all limitless, I have faith that we can create own destinies, I have faith that we are born to do something and we just, it’s our job, our absolute job and responsibility to figure it out and do it.

Pinterest - Do what you were born to do. You just have to trust yourself - Samantha LeithAnd then I’m on the plane, and Fiji Airways’s service has been fantastic, movie selection is not great, and I was flicking through and I saw this movie that was a tale of a kid that fell through some ice and survived. Clearly, he survived otherwise they wouldn’t have made the movie. And anyway, had this big religious bent to it about how he had stopped breathing for so long, he’d been unconscious for so long, et cetera, and that his survival was an absolute miracle. So there was all this conversation about, why he was on this planet. Why did God save him, what was he destined to do?

So I’m sitting in my chair on the plane, sobbing, trying to do the really quiet tears. Of course when you’re on a plane, no one can really hear you because the engine is so loud anyway. And the guy next to me had headphones on, anyway. I’m sobbing and … And again, I’m like, at what point does one go … and my friends that are watching this, or any of my family that are watching this, no I’m not, I haven’t found God on a plane. But how many messages, how many times do you need to hear the same thing? That we are here for a reason, we have to figure what that is, and there’s a purpose and there’s something greater. And whether it’s mother nature, or God, or the universe, or whatever cosmic being it is that has us here to do what we’re here to do, we’ve got to fricking do it.

So I arrive in Fiji looking like a drowned rat, having cried a lot. And again, it just reiterates everything I learned while I was away, which is fantastic. So the lives will go back to normal tonight when I get back and do more of my educational vibe, where I get a topic and talk about it, how it relates to me, but giving you strategies and steps and things like that. So thank you for bearing with me over the last few days while I’ve learned so much and gone through so much myself. I’m not going to watch a soppy movie for the rest of the trip, I think I might read my book or try and sleep. And I will figure out, no, I have figured out what I’m meant to be doing. I am doing what I’m meant to be doing. I hope you guys figure out what it is you’re here to do. Okay.