Good afternoon, happy Saturday. The Do It Diet, Part Three. Now, after the lunch I’ve had, I think this should be another kind of diet, but we’re going to go back to The Do It Diet. So what is The Do It Diet, for starters? Well if you’ve missed the last two days, just go back through the videos and watch part one and part two. So The Do It Diet is something that I’ve done with my clients for years about how to get yourself out of overwhelm and into more action taking steps. So day one was all about decluttering stuff in your life, day two was all about setting goals and day three is all about scheduling that action. Because a wise woman once said, “If it’s not on the diary, it’s not real.” I think was the quote, something like that. Many, many, many coaches, and not just business coaches like leadership coaches, people in the workplace, your boss, it’s like tradition. If you want to get shit happening, put it in the diary.

Occasionally I slip into just like branding a couple of hours and going, finance. Well you know what I do in that couple of hours? Not the finance generally, but if I go in this 15 minute slot vocal warmup, I do that, I make it happen. In the diary, in the diary, in the diary. So now that you’ve cleared some space in your mind and in your house and in your paperwork and your computer, et cetera, in order to make those goals happen, we have to make it happen. So this is what it’s about. Scheduling is a gift. It’s a gift that you give yourself. Sometimes you can think scheduling’s like chaining yourself up and, “Oh my God, I’ve lost my freedom, I’m all scheduled.” I promise you it makes life better, I promise you. Because it gets rid of a lot of those decisions that we need to make, which leads to decision fatigue, which is a curse of the modern day person, I think. Absolutely.

So if you want to make things real and stick, you got to schedule it. Promise you, promise you, promise you. It stops the procrastination and that’s one of those things that we use to avoid to do the stuff we need to get done, the stuff that we know has to get done in order to get what we want. Now this isn’t business, this is personal, this isn’t a job, this is in your home life. This is across everything. Everything. I promise you, this is not a, “Oh, you just do this if you want to be a successful entrepreneur.” This is do it if you want success and cohesion in any area of your life. And yes, orange lipstick. I’m brave. So I go by, some people do like three things to focus on the things like that. I like fives. So I’m five goals, five actions, five days a week. And I promise you that will give you more time, more money, more focus, it’s just so good. Five by five. Five by five, that’s it.

Pinterest - The secret of getting things done is to act - Samantha LeithAnd goal setting’s not as simple as five goals, five actions, five days a week. But we’re not going to get to all of that now, that’s working with me on goals in a whole other realm, or buy the book when it comes out. See what I did there, a little plug. So, but once you’ve been setting goals for a while and once you’ve been creating schedules and actually doing the stuff that needs to get done, you get deeper and more into it and it can be just become this huge thing and I promise you it makes dramatic differences in your life. As I said before, anything I’ve really committed to and focused on and is totally true to me and I did the actionable steps, five by five by five, I made that shit happen, like absolutely.

So what you’re going to do is take five of your goals, preferably I made you do, well I hope you did it, year six, one month, one week kind of goals. It’s a bigger picture ones to my new shea goals. When you first start this practice of the five by five by five, I think you’re better off focusing on those one week and one month goals. If you’ve been goal setting for a while, by all means go to the bigger stretch ones, but I think you get more confident and I think you get better at keeping the commitment to yourself to get these things done if you do those one week or one month goals as you first start. So for each goal, just piece of paper, or message me and I’ll send you the PDF. Five days a week, five actions. That’s it. That’s all I want you to do.

Now, if there’s only one goal that you really, really want to work on, make it the five actions for that one goal. If there’s two, make it three for each. It’s not an exact science, but in your to-do-list, in your diary, on your schedule for the day, don’t buy the list of 30 things that you think you can get done that day to help you achieve a goal, because it’s not going to happen and you’re going to get to the end of the day, you’re going to get shitty with yourself, you’re going to get upset, you’ll drink half a bottle of wine, eat a chocolate bar and go, “I’m hopeless, I couldn’t do what I wanted to get done.” And go to bed. So start off small people. Five, five, five. That’s it.

So I tend to do this on a Sunday night because, as I’ve said before, I’m not one of those weirdos that has a calendar that starts on a Sunday, because calendars start on Monday. So I sit down, used to be with a glass of wine, at the moment I make a cup of tea or something because I’m not drinking, apart from the plane, I gave myself a lieu pass, and I mark out the time in my calendar to do those five things. I also mark at the time in my calendar for everything else. My dog walking, eating. As I said, my vocal warmups and my speaking and my singing, are in my calendar. My home power hour at seven o’clock on a Saturday morning is in the calendar. Everything’s in there, everything is. So I what you to then go with a different color, if you use iCal or Google calendar, color code it. And whatever’s your favorite color, make that your goal color. If you haven’t noticed, I like pink. I’m trying to look for something. Oh, this is my handbag I had today. Pink hair bag. So I color code. Use color, color. Color’s good. Color code your goals and go, “That’s my time for doing that. That’s my time for doing that.”

And in that calendar, before you schedule the goal time, put in all the stuff that’s got to happen. So if you’ve got work commitments or family commitments, dinners, eyebrow waxing appointments, whatever like that. Then I also add in three, only three, this is the only time I use three actually, times 15 minutes social media spots. That’s all I go onto social media every day, otherwise it just invades your life. And I do two 30 minute email slots and then I also have time for phone conversations, and for clients and things like that. So they’re all in there. Once all that stuff’s in, I put the stuff for my goals. Some people will talk to you about putting your goal stuff in there first, and that’s fine, that might work for them. This is what’s worked for me, so that’s what I’m sharing. The other stuff goes in there first and then I put the goal stuff in. It’s easier for me, I’ve got it on the screen so I can picture it, but anyway.

You’ve got to find a time that you’re going to be committed to taking the action. So for me, I’m a morning person, so I’ve often find if I’ve got to do something that’s I want to be really clear on my goals about, or exercise or strategically kind of stuff, morning is the best, best for me. If I put that I’m going to do something related to one of my goals, it is in the book for example, and I have it on my calendar at eight o’clock or nine o’clock at night, that is not going to happen. I am going to be like, “I can’t do work, my brain won’t work.” Because my alarm goes off at 4:45 in the morning, but I’m wide awake, ready to go, Energizer bunny in the morning, and my brain works. Night time, unless it’s a social thing, I’ve checked out, so never going to happen. Then once that’s all in your schedule, when something pops up and you’re like, “Oh, I want to do that, but I’ve got this on my diary …” You can ask yourself, is this thing going to take me closer to achieving that goal or is it going to move me further back from achieving my goal? Closer, further back, closer, further back. If the answer is, this opportunity is going to take me further away from my goal, it is a no. Full stop. It is a no. You need to, you want to commit to yourself and to this process for at least a month, at least a month. Start seeing some good things happen. So five actions for five goals, five days a week.

Now, one of those actions might be reaching out to three people five times a week. One of those goal actions might be doing a live every single day. And as you know, I haven’t been great at the timing thing, I still haven’t got that right, but I’m working on it. Editing a chapter of the book every day. If you are a chef and you want to write a new recipe book, maybe it’s get in a test kitchen and do one new recipe, five days a week. If you want to get a promotion at work or look for a new job, it might be reaching out to five people on LinkedIn, five times a week. They have to be not airy fairy, I’m going to think about what I’m going to achieve, these are committable actionable, I can tick and say I did it or I didn’t do it. And if you’re like me, chances are you’re going to have a sheet up on a wall where you can tick off that you’ve either done it or it’ll be in your diary every day and you can tick off that you did it. That’s what works for me. I’m not a visual, but I’m very visual in that kind of thing.

So I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope, that these three little things can help you get out of overwhelm and into action. And I think they work really well together. You have to do the decluttering, you have to work out where you’re going, and then you have to schedule the action steps to get where you want to go. And you can’t do that bit if your brain is full because there’s a lot of clutter in your head, on your computer, around your house, workplace, anything like that. You can’t do it. So declutter, set your goals, schedule the action. They’re the three things I want you to do. Not that hard, is it? Send me a message if you want some extra help. I’d love to help you as you know. If you haven’t already done it, head on over, whichever way you’re looking on your computer, up to your search bar. Thank you., and do the seven day confidence challenge because that’s fun too. And you can put that in your schedule and one of your goals can be about confidence.

So until tomorrow, have a great Saturday night and I will talk to you then. And message me if you want the PDF of this to come straight to your inbox. Ciao.