Pinterest - It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old. They grow old because they stop pursuing dreams - Samantha LeithYes, I am in the bath. Just jumped in and when to hit play on music, and went “Oh my God, I forgot my Live, I have to do my Live today.” So let’s hope you don’t get any sneak peeks. Mud mask. Sunday night…. Face mask and planning the week and doing all that kind of stuff. So what I wanted to talk tonight was actually what I thought about on my walk this afternoon with Charlie, is that there’s a problem with having big dreams. There really is because when you have really big dreams or you’re a big picture thinker, you can quite often just think the big picture and then do sweet F.A. Like do nothing, achieved nothing. And it’s like I talked about in my Live about the lotto dreams, it’s like the big picture dream keeps you alive, but mmm, does it really? Because you’re just putting something out there without actually doing anything.

So what I think we need to do, when we are big picture thinkers or we are big dreamers is, we need to look at what we’re thinking about and we need to break it down into just one step. Just that one next step that we need to take. And it’s easy. It’s really, really easy. Because you’ll think “Oh, I don’t know what the next thing to do is. I’ve go this big picture, I’ve got this dream, and I want to do this. And I want to do this and I want to do this.” And you get lost in it and you can’t work out what you want to do. But you do, like you really, really do. I promise you, if you close your eyes, shut your eyes and think about it, you will know what is the next, the first thing you need to do to take you one step closer to what you want.

That first step you need to do might just be writing out what you actually want. It might be telling someone, it might be asking for help, it might be reading a book, it might be having a bath. God knows, who knows what that first thing is going to be, but no matter how big the dream there is a first step. So my challenge for you all tonight is to put on a face mask and get in the bath.

And if you could see my bath, you’d love it. It’s full of salts and magnesium, and little flower pedals, and it’s even got a little bit of glitter in it. So I’m going to come out all sparkly. So that’s my first step for tonight. Next step for tonight rather. But yeah, no matter what the dream is, there’s a first step. So that’s my challenge for you tonight. Work out what that first step you can take tomorrow on your next dream. That’s it. Simple. Simples. Until then, have a good night. And you’ll see me tomorrow with my fresh face.