Hi. Yes, Saturday night, and you are with me in a client’s office at the moment, because tonight I want to talk about it all being about hustle. So for many of you that don’t know, some of the things I do, I coach, I speak, I do that kind of stuff. I also do a lot of emceeing work, so tonight I am emceeing a 50th birthday party. So I’m in a funny little office and this is frock number two for the night. You got to see the shoes, the shoes are fantastic. Hang on, got to get them off. Seriously, good shoes.

Pinterest - Good things happen to those who hustle - Samantha LeithSo many people … and I’m going to change frocks two more times by the time we get to the end of the night, because I’m singing two more songs with other people and dancers and DJs and blah, blah, blah, blah, because that’s what I do. When people say they only do one thing, I used to feel really, really bad because I did other stuff. Because I either had a part time job as a sales job or I had a waitressing job or there was something else I did. And there is no shame in that, oh my God. If you need to hustle to get money to pay your mortgage or to pay your rent or put food on your table, hustle, hustle, hustle.

So, I can stand here as a 45 year old and say, I’ve hustled my ass off for years. And sometimes they’ve been side hustles, sometimes they’ve been big hustles, and on nights like tonight, where I haven’t stopped working since 1:00 this afternoon when we were bumping in, that’s just what you do. Because I’m in front of a hundred people tonight, I’m celebrating someone’s amazing birthday and I get to share my talents with people and bring them some joy for tonight. And do you like my new hair? Could I have gone any higher, seriously? I was getting it cut today and I was reading a magazine and I looked up and I thought, “It’s a little shorter than I wanted, but okay, we’ll go with that.”

So I just want to … I had a moment this week where I was talking to my bestie and saying, “Oh, I kind of feel bad that I still do this hustle stuff. And I still do emceeing work. And I still do a bit of this work and a bit of that work.” And you know what? I embrace it, I love it, it’s who I am. So if you are a teacher who has a side hustle as a pole dancer, go for it. If you are a chef who has a side hustle as a yoga instructor, go for it. If you are a lawyer who has a side hustle as a fisherman … I don’t know if that … could you have a side hustle as a fisherman? I don’t know. But anyway, you get my point, I don’t have any shame in it. My name is Samantha Leith, and I can proudly tell you, I coach, I speak, I sing, I emcee. And occasionally I still do some of that accounting work because yeah, it helps pay the mortgage and all of that’s okay.

So don’t feel ashamed of what you do. Sing it, sing it from the clouds, from the street, from the top of the fricking ladder and be okay with it because sometimes those side hustles are the things that actually bring you the most joy. And that’s just redonkulous that you earn the majority of your income through something that might drain you and bore you and you’re just chugging along doing it because you have to do it, and your side hustle gives you life.

So, that’s my message for you tonight, don’t be ashamed of the side hustle. And do we like my frock? It’s a new frock, with little matching bits. See, I’m going to change again, I know. These poor people at the party are like, “She’s coming out with another dress,” but that’s what I do. So until I see you guys tomorrow night, have a great night and just go out there and tell people whatever it is you do. No shame, doesn’t matter, let everyone know what your side hustle is. Let me know what your side hustle is. Hustle, hustle, hustle. I’m sure J Lo has got a song about hustling, maybe I should learn that one. Night, night.