Hi, guys.


Welcome to my Facebook Live.

This is Elodie.

Yes, it is me.

And we’re in Melbourne. What are we doing in Melbourne, Elodie?

We just went to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. It was two parts, two plays. It was one big play, but there was a gap between. There was [inaudible 00:00:24] two, and then there was an interval and that, and then it ended at, what, 5:00. Then we had dinner. The next one started at 7:30 and there was an interval in that, and then it ended. It was a continuation.

So, a very long play.

It was a very long day. We went to work this morning, and then we went and got on a flight, and then we got here. We got changed, and then we went to the theater, and then we’ve been at the theater all afternoon and all night.

What have we learnt from Harry Potter?

That I cried a lot. No. Yeah. The transitions were amazing.

Oh, the production was incredible.

The production was insane.

Maybe we should turn the Facebook Lives into a review show?

Yeah, it’s my review show.

It’s your review, okay.

Okay, so incredible, loved it. One of the characters, she wasn’t very good. She doesn’t really have a character arc. The actual character itself did, but the actress, her portrayal of it, just didn’t hit the right spot. It wasn’t … No.

Everyone else was amazing though.

Yeah. Everyone else was amazing. She was okay, but yeah. Three of the main cast weren’t there, the original cast, so they had some understudies, but the understudies were amazing. Incredible.
We can’t give you any spoilers of the show, but it’s fantastic.

I have no idea how they do some of that stuff.

Live. Oh, my God.

Pinterest - I solemnly swear that I am up to no good - Samantha LeithYou can’t really explain it. You know that there’s wires and they’re doing all this stuff behind the scenes, but it’s like magic. It’s magic.

Oh, what was that line I really liked, Cathy?

“My nerdiness is-“

“My geekiness is tingling.”

My favorite line of the whole thing was, “My geekiness is tingling.”

That was funny, yeah.

That was funny.

Oh, yeah, Scorpius. Amazing character. Loved him.

I want to marry him.

That was, “I want to marry him,” from the background.


Who was your favorite character?

I don’t know. I liked them all. Moaning Myrtle was fine, but she was only in one scene.

But it’s Moaning Myrtle. She’s just-

She’s cool. She did Moaning Myrtle justice.

Very well, yeah.

She did it justice. Harry, he was okay. He kind of annoyed me, but Harry kind of annoys me as a character, anyway.

What are you wearing?

I’m wearing the merch, and it’s the Dark Lord symbol.

You’ve got a time-

I’ve got a Time-Turner, I’ve got a golden snitch bracelet, mom’s wearing my Philosopher’s Stone necklace.

Philosopher’s Stone.

My friend’s wearing the Deathly Hallows necklace, so a bit of a Harry Potter fan. I’m wearing yellow plaid because Hufflepuff, represent.

Tell me, would you recommend coming down to Melbourne?


And doing it in one hit, like we did, in the one day, or doing it over a couple of nights?

Yeah, one hit’s good because if you’re doing two days, you’ll forget it. It’s-

I agree.

Then obviously you’d lose the magic because you have time to think about it, and be like, “Oh, well, now I know how they did this because I saw this thing and this wire.” You really pick at it, but watching it bang, bang, bang, you’re constantly in the magic. It’s amazing.

And if you get the program, don’t open it during the show.

Don’t open it during the show. The told us not to.


We haven’t even opened it yet.

And the other piece of advice, order your champagne for intermission.

Yep. Don’t take photos or film it, like that old lady in front of us did. She, in the first-

We were dibby-dobbing, and told her off.

Yeah. Well, because in the first bit she took photos, and me and my friend were like, okay, so if she keeps on doing it or she starts doing videos, we’ll do something, and then she started doing videos and taking phots, and sending them to her friend. Yeah, we tattletaled.


Snitches get stitches, but I mean-

Snitches get … Golden snitches?


Golden snitches get Ferrero Rocher?


Sure, okay. We’re going now. That’s our review of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

And I’m very tired.

We’re very tired. We’ve been up very long day, but we can’t miss a Live.


This is Melbourne. Let’s just turn it around, so you can see Melbourne, the nightlife in Melbourne. Oh, wow, that’s kind of pretty. It’s just like our reflection.

I mean, you could just-

That’s pretty.

… [inaudible 00:05:30].

Oh, that’s better, yeah.

That’s Melbourne.

That’s Melbourne, okay.

The city.

See you tomorrow.


See you tomorrow, from Sam and Elodie.