Yes, I am home. Day 153. So tonight I want to talk about … I’ve literally just walked in the door from my trip to Melbourne, and I wanted to talk about the power of getting more done, taking yourself away from your normal, and the power that also goes with that of the people that you are connected with while you’re there. So connection and completion.

So when we’re in our own everyday life, we just do stuff. Especially when you work from home a lot, as I do, you, “Oh, there’s the washing to put on. Oh, I just need to do that. Oh, I’ve got to do this. I’ve got to do that.” And we can fill our time up without actually getting what we needed to get done, done. Now, there are people that are masters at working from home. I’m better than I used to be, but I can still sometimes get, not distracted, but other priorities just kind of rear their ugly heads.

Pinterest - Invisible threads are the strongest ties - Samantha LeithSo to take yourself away for two days, and concentrated effort from 9:00 to 5:00 on those two days, and get stuff done, is probably worth … I couldn’t tell you. I wouldn’t have actually got all that done by myself at home, and I talked about that last night in the power of batching. The other part about it is, I got to spend two days with Jane, who I’ve been coaching with this year, as well as a gorgeous bunch of women, and the lovely Michael who was there also, doing this content creation boot camp with me, and I wouldn’t have …

I know them all online, and we’d probably call ourselves friends in the online sense, but after two days, and bouncing ideas off each other, and the discussions we had in breaks and lunchtime, et cetera, now they’re kind of true friends. It is a true connection with these people that I could now pick up the phone, I could send a message, bounce, an idea off, I could ask help of. We talk about asking for help, don’t we? That wouldn’t have happened if we’d just stayed in this kind of online world.

So I encourage you. If you’re watching this on Facebook, chances are you like being online. If you are taking the time to watch this, chances are you may have your own business. You may want to get into your own business. You may have ideas about the online world and how you can run businesses in a nomadic way, or from a laptop, or even just set up service based business, not working for … What was I watching recently? Oh, Shaft. I was watching Shaft on the plane, working for the man. We have all these ideas about how it works, and reality is never quite the same. Got to tell you it’s never, ever, ever quite the same.

If you’ve bought into the myth of four hour work weeks and all that kind of stuff, it takes a long time to get to that kind of level of ability to do things. But I also want to challenge you on that, that it’s not all roses to just be by yourself all the time, even if you’re an introvert. I’m not an introvert. I do like alone time, but I’m definitely not an introvert, is that it can be really overwhelming doing everything all by yourself all the time. So I encourage you to get out and get connection with people.

The other thing I really want to encourage you, if you do have a business that’s based on, or you’ve got an idea for a business that’s based on the stuff that you’ve got in here, and the stuff you’ve got in here, whether you’re a writer, a musician, a coach, a speaker, a poet, any of those things where a lot of the stuff comes from inside you, really, really encourage you to jump at the opportunity to take yourself away for a couple of days, away from your normal environment, and really get some concentrated work done.

You watched the video from last night about batching and the power of that, but even if you’re not batching per se, just remove yourself from the norm to do more, is really, really important. Not taking yourself to some fancy resort where you’re just going to spend the whole time sitting in the bar or meeting people, that kind of thing, somewhere where you can bunker down and do stuff.

I will now, having really, really got a lot of benefit out of this two days, I’ll do this, I reckon, every six months. Just two days, move myself away from something, and just like bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. So good, so powerful. So ask yourself tomorrow, what can you do to remove yourself from the normal and get some stuff done? It’s fantastic.

Meanwhile, I’m now back at home, so I do have to get back to the reality of washing, pets, bills, animals, all that stuff. So adios, and I will talk to you tomorrow.