Kitchen video, which means dancing. Although, I don’t have anything to dance for tonight. And you know what song my topic tonight made me think of? Is dear old Kirmy. Why are there so many songs about rainbows? Yes, the rainbow connection because tonight I want to talk about stress. So I was at an event tonight for The Professional Speakers Association of Australia, PSA. And there was some fabulous speakers. I met some awesome people. It’s the first time I’ve been to one of their events. I’ve been trying to get there all year and every single third Thursday of the month I had something on. So tonight come rain or shine, I didn’t have anything on, I was going to get to that event. And I got there and I’m so glad I did.

So there was a father and son duo, and I call them a duo because they were a duo. They spoke in tandem and they spoke like this beautiful fitting jigsaw puzzle where one would come on and one would speak after the other and finish their sentences and things like that. At one point I had to laugh out loud because they made a comment about how they looked so similar and they dress the same. And I did laugh out loud [Kimal 00:01:16] turned around and went, “You know you did that out loud?” I’m like, “Yeah, sorry.” Because so often people call Elodie and I twinsies. And if you look at our photos, like “Poor thing, she’s going to look like me.” No, she’s beautiful. No, I’m beautiful. Oh, you know what I mean. But it’s funny when you get that kind of compare in comparison with your parent.

Pinterest - It’s not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it - Samantha LeithBut they were talking about a multitude of things from marshmallows to technology to parenting, delayed gratification, a whole lot of things. And they were fabulous. Their company is called Rezilience with a Z. I’ll put the link in here because I think they were phenomenal. They do a lot of work with youth and teens on speaking. The topic that we’re talking about tonight is technology and connectedness and interconnectedness and whether we’re addicted to things and their receptors and how to get the dopamine hit. All that kind of stuff that I have talked about before, so you can go back and look at some of those lives. But one of the things they talked about tonight which really hit me, was the different types of stress.

Now, I understand what stress is. I understand what stress sores are. I understand how we can work with them, we can work against them to try and better our lives. I didn’t actually realize there were different types of stress. So there’s unconscious stress, which is the swaying or just the little bit of whatever. There’s the conscious stress, which is the tension headaches, the hunching, all that kind of stuff. And there’s the subconscious stress. Conscious, unconscious, subconscious. It’s a bit like how you think. I know I used to say, I’d wake up and I’m like, “Oh, I feel like I did 10 rounds with Mike Tyson.” You’d wake up exhausted with no kind of reason for it. And I thought I’d slept badly or I’d been in a funny position or I don’t know, maybe I had a bad dream. It was great for me tonight to hear that that could just be a stress reaction in my body to something that’s going on. So I’m really keen.

One of the things if you don’t know about me already, I’m an avid learner. So I will take that snippet of stuff I got tonight from their keynote and tomorrow I will delve into the world of stress because that’s how my brain works. Now I want to know more about it because those words hit me. And I was like, “Oh my God, I understand those three levels.” I understand the nervous reaction of the twitching, which I don’t do. I understand the sore neck or that stressy kind of headache, tension headache. And I totally get the “I’ve woken up feeling like I haven’t had any sleep.” Very rarely do I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep and have that kind of stress.

That one I totally understand. So I’m going to find out more about it. I’m going to share more about it with you guys because I think that’s really important. Because there is more stress in our lives today than there has ever been before, ever. It’s everywhere. It’s from the news we read to the notifications on our phone. One of the bad points I think about this personal development journey that so many of us are on is that I think that can become a stressor for other people and then when they’re not on the same journey as us, that can become a stressor in our lives. So there’s a whole lot of navigation that has to go on with that as well.

So again, dealing with stress, how do we deal with it? It’s like I say about a multitude of things that are negative in our lives. The MEDS thing; meditation, exercise, diet and sleep. Yes. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. If you don’t already know how I do my daily journaling practice with just the free writing, my power statements, gratitude, big dreams and goals, go back to that live because it’s really powerful stuff. If you can’t find it because they’re not all that organized, we’re trying to go back and organize a lot of lives so you can find particular topics. So we are working on that. But if you do want to have that layered framework of how I do that morning every single day, send me a message and I will get that to you because it’s really, really has changed my life.

So stress; conscious, subconscious and unconscious stress are a thing and everything around us, including this phone, is part of the problem. So meditation, exercise, diet, sleep. Turn yourself off. The minute I get off my phone now I have to call my sister back because she just rang, my phone will go off. It will be on do not disturb all night until my alarm goes off in the morning. And it’s not next to my bed, it’s away from me. We’ve got to get them away people. Read more, get out in the sun, all those things. So until tomorrow when I find out more about stress, but I wouldn’t do it tomorrow night, but once I’ve kind of digested a whole lot more on it I will absolutely share that with you. So have a great night. Have an unstressful sleep. Yes. Go to bed, get your eight hours with not even a blink.