Poor network connection. That might be … Because I’ve got my Wi-Fi off. No I’ve got it on. There you go. Weird. Okay.

Happy … Yeah, Monday. Oh God. Happy start of the new financial year. I had to do some filing today and I was like, “Oh my God, I’ve just typed 2020,” because I’m a bit OCD with my filing systems. Everything’s like 2020 dah dah dah. Anyway, beside the point.

I had my hair did today. What [inaudible 00:00:24]. I’m all for getting it done and then letting it set for a few days. Then you don’t need to worry about it.

Tonight I wanted to talk about who you are. Like really who are you? It triggered by a couple of things. There’s a great song in the musical …

Shame you can’t see my t-shirt. Look it’s [Cury 00:00:44].

There’s a great song in the musical … Oh my, just had a mental blank. Chorus Line. It starts with, “Who am I anyway? Am I my resume? Am I a picture of a person I don’t know?” I’ve asked myself that a million times. To the point I remember when I was about 17. I was in the car with my manager at the time, for a band I was in. I’d written this list because I was going through this existential, “Who am I?”

At the time I’d actually just come out as a lesbian. I was a scholarship kid at school, so I was smart. I was singing in the Australian Opera. I was in bands. There was all these kind of things. I wrote this list of the different person I needed to be for each group of people that I hung out with.

When I was being studious at school I wore that shield. When I was singing at the Aubrey Hotel I wore a different kind of shield. Actually that probably resulted in not wearing a hell of a lot. When I was with my family it was a different face. It’s like the many faces of Sam. I really thought this made me a freak. I almost actually started looking up multiple personality disorder. When I realize multiple personality disorder was totally different, this was just the face I wore for different groups.

Many people can say, “Oh that’s really fake. You’re not being the real you.” I want to challenge this. I challenge you to actually look at who you are, and the way you act, and the way you speak, and how you dress, and how you carry yourself when … The choices that you make when you are with different people. For example, when I’m with my local Real Housewives I make quite different choices to the choices I would make when I’m with my family for some things or with some of the school parents as another thing. They’re not … It’s not that I’m pretending to be someone else.

I don’t think I actually understood this till I was 40. You have all these different parts of you. All those parts actually make you this one unique being. The choices that you make based on your values, and where you are in life, and around the people you’re around are still actually you. It’s not that I’m a Gemini. It’s not that I suffer from multiple personality disorder. It’s more a case of knowing who I need to be and who needs to show up in a certain situation for me to make the best of that situation.

In some of those situations my Devil’s advocate might come out. In some of those situations flirty Sam might come out. In some of those situations Sam who likes talking about quantum physics might come out. They all are all me. I think we get scared about flipping our personality like that. Please don’t be. People like you for all the different parts of your personality but in some situations some parts of your personality are best kept below the surface. You don’t actually need to show it all. It doesn’t make you a fruit loop for being a different person in a work environment, to being a different person when you’re out with friends, to being a different person when you’re at home with trades people coming over.

Don’t be afraid of it. If you ask yourself that question, who am I anyway? You’re all of those things. Every tiny, teeny, part of your personality makes you you. That, my dear friends, is perfect.