Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, ladles and jellyspons, as we used to say. So as you know on Sunday nights, I do a answer a question that I’ve been asked at some stage. Either during this week, or it can be asked anytime really, and I just kind of pop them away and go, okay, let’s go talk about that. And I was asked a question about how I plan my year because I seem to a lot of people, I seem to be one of those people that does lots of things. And I do, I do work hard. I have a lot on I’m quite social being an extrovert, kind of, yeah I’m social. And how do you manage that? Having a child and we do week on week off. So there’s a lot of like cogs and wheels that go into my life and planning and I’m a big planner, so I’m pretty sure you’ve all seen my diary. Where is it? Where’s my diary?

So I have a physical diary, it’s actually my vision board. So I have that with me all the time. It was like a reminder of why I do everything I do. And then I have a big wall planner. So I’ll just turn this around so you can see my work plan or how do I turn this around? Go like that. That was the worst face, sorry.

So I have a big wall planner and that’s on the door to my office. Now, given where we count from December, I’m currently looking at planning 2020, and as someone pointed out to me today next year, the only time when we’re all going to have perfect vision, boom, boom, 2020. Yeah. It’s not, wasn’t that funny? Yeah. So there’s a lot of nuts. There’s so much I want to achieve next year. There’s so many things. There’s a podcast launching.

There’s a new program launching. I have some really, really nail biting exciting, scary goals I want to achieve next year. And my daughter will also be going into year nine. So it’s a big year all around for lots of things. So he’s the start of my planning process for next year, my new wall calendar, which I will start getting stuck into. So how do I do this planning process? Well, firstly, I put all the school holidays in, cause that’s really important. I guess we’re want to put important birthdays in there. I don’t put everyone’s birthdays, just like close family birthdays I put in there. Then I might put in anything I know is already happening next year. So I know at the moment, there’s a couple of times I’m going away for things and that will go in there. They’re the first things I’m going to do.

Pinterest - Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now - Samantha LeithThen I look at what I’m launching next year and my goals for next year. And what I’ll do is strategically pick days that things need to get done. So for example, as I launched a podcast in January, there’s going to be an episode every week that needs to be recorded and I’m going to batch those recordings on a particular day. And what I want to do next year is batch the recordings of the podcast and also recording some video on the same day. So I’m looking for a studio where I can go in and do both. And it’s like that’s donsky and my plan is to say and work backwards. So any of the things that, the moment that I know I’m going away with going away or bigger, big events, I’ll look at all those. And if I’m away a couple of chunks of Thursdays, for example, it says pick a day. I won’t make Thursday, my filming day.

What I’ll do is I’ll go through and go, okay, well, looks like I don’t have anything already scheduled in on most Fridays. So what I will do is go, okay, so one Friday a month is content filming recording day. So I will put that in my calendar for every single Friday next year. I’ve got an event I’m wanting to run. I will run, I shouldn’t say wanting to, I’ve got an event we’ll be running. So that will go in there.

I know on the days I like to do writing, they will go on there. So the more I have in that calendar now, or before Christmas really it’ll go up on the wall before Christmas. The more of that it’s done, then there’s less space for me to go, Oh yeah, I can do that. And then forget that I’ve got something on. All that information then has to get transferred over to my online calendar, pardon me. And then when I am using, I don’t know if I’m going to use a paper diary next year. I think I may go back to just being online next year. I haven’t decided yet.

Depends if I see any fantastic ads for new calendar, new diaries for next year, but I think I will go online. So all that has to get transferred over, especially those strategic, those days that I have to set aside and they’re going to be non-negotiable unless, Ellody gets sick or I get sick. Those days for me and actually will be non-negotiable that’s I’m doing that, that day all the time. That’s the best way I think to plan. And also for my big goals, a batch, how I’m going to get those things done. So as you know, I’m a big believer. I had those charts up in my house everywhere where I cross off gym four times a week and the pod. The live everyday, can’t believe this is day 161, just cannot believe it for those of you watching tonight or watching this tomorrow, whenever you watch it.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It’s been an amazing journey and there’s 204 to go. Wow. Crazy. Crazy. What will I do to celebrate? So that’s what I do. That’s the most important part of my planning process is that big bloody calendar and finding the space in there around Ellody. Who’s obviously my number one priority to do the stuff I want to get done next year. And with my goals for next year, that’s going to be a really chockfull calendar. But there will also be space in there, which all plan out, for weekends away and my holidays and all that kind of stuff. Cause that’s really, really, really, really important. And my plan next year is to maybe do longer workdays, but less of them. Does that make sense? So I’ve got to figure out in that planning process for the year, how to do that and not bite off too much more than I can chew.

So with the things I want to launch next year originally, I was like, I’ll do one thing every month of it. Yeah. That’ll keep me going. No, that will exhaust me. And I don’t think that’s the right thing to do for myself or my business. So I’ll take a backtrack on that and maybe there’ll be something every two months, so that I need to figure out. I’ve got a planning day with one of my business besties, actually one of my besties on Thursday and I’m hoping then I will nut out timelines for a lot of the stuff that I’m doing next year. So by the time I get home on Thursday night, all of that will go on that big wall calendar. So in a nutshell, I can see exactly what I’m going to achieve. And across the top of the calendar or the bottom of the calendar, wherever I can put it, I’ll put my big goal for the year. So it’s a constant reminder.

It might be financial, it might be number of clients, maybe number of speaking gigs, whatever my really, really, really want to focus on that one goal is. That will be everywhere because I surround myself with my goals everywhere. I 100% believe in the power of that. So, and I’ll put on there. A lot of the diaries and things you can get these days have lovely little, sort of find some now, my pile of stickers have little motivational quotes and stickers and things like that. So I’ll stick, like these kinds of things. So I’ll stick things like that on the wall calendar as well. So that’s my yearly planning in a nutshell, it’s really nuts in a nutshell, and it’s nuts and boltsy. It’s just strategy. You nail it all out. You put it on the calendar and make space to do what you want to do.

Because if you don’t make the space to do what you want to do, it ain’t going to happen. That’s right. You don’t set aside the time to do these things. They will not magically appear. So get stuck into the year 2020 planning. I used to run an event called jump into January, which was a four hour event, if I remember correctly much [inaudible 00:08:54] that. And I actually found some, the content for it the other day. So might do a really long live one day over the next couple of weeks and could do that as jump into January and really give you the steps.

Because I know a lot of people are talking about planning. A lot of people ask questions about it and we all do want to achieve more these days. We really, really do. So I think I might do that. I’ll let you all know if you’re on my email list, you’ll get an email notification about it. If you’re on my socials, you’ll find out about it. But the best thing to do is to go to and get on the newsletter list. Because one of my goals fixers getting better at sending out newsletters, and you’ll get your weekly dose sparkle from yours truly. And that will give you updates on things like workshops and online, things like that, where you can real and real life workshops or online workshops. So you can dream, believe, act, and achieve. Until tomorrow, good night.