Hi, it’s Sam, and this is Elodie.


Pinterest - Storms make trees take deeper roots - Samantha LeithAnd we’re bringing you our Facebook Live tonight courtesy of take-away and candles thanks to the Stormageddon of Sydney 2019. I don’t do a lot of political stuff on my Facebook page, I don’t do a lot of activism stuff, but I’m just going to say for all those numskulls that say climate change isn’t real … That’s not very professional, I know, but if you were around my neighborhood tonight, they estimate we won’t have power again until tomorrow at some stage. Now, remember, this is the same suburb where we were given evacuation warnings 10 days ago, two weeks ago today, because the fires were getting so close. And then a couple of nights ago, it rained and rained and rained and rained and rained. You cannot tell me stuff is not happening. Just bonkers. You’ve got to be a moron not to get climate change is an issue.

So, currently I had this fabulous Facebook Live planned for tonight, which had a whole lot of stuff I wanted to actually teach that I needed my laptop for. Now, I’m going to conserve my lap and you don’t really need to keep saying my takeaway. And you don’t really need to keep seeing my take-away, do you? I’m going to conserve my laptop power and not do that tonight. I am going to make sure we blow out all these candles before we get to bed so we don’t burn the house down, because don’t really need anymore drama really at the moment.

Our backyard is just full of tree branches that have come down, fairly big ones, over the fences, broken off, et cetera. Luckily, they haven’t damaged the house at all, I don’t think. Whereas, around our neighborhood there’s trees covering all streets. There’s massive trees you never would have thought could get uprooted, completely uprooted. The wind must have been colossal. So, I’m going to cuddle my baby girl tonight and bunker in for Stormageddon, or Sydneygeddon. What should we call it?

I don’t know.

That was a, “I don’t know,” in 14-year-old terms, 14-year-old language. So, have a great night, and I’m really sorry [inaudible 00:02:25] I will do what I wanted to do tonight. And I’d just like to give a special thanks and shout out to my sister, Sarah Jackson, who makes all these, has the businesses that make incredible candles, and I’m really glad I’ve got a lot of them at home tonight. Night-night, and I will talk to you all tomorrow.