In the kitchen, so of course as you know we dance in the kitchen. That’s a very booby top in a kitchen.

Sam’s rant for today. You know the song, I’m riding in my car, turn on the radio?

So my thing is, I’m riding in my car, don’t turn on the Facebook Live. Seriously, people. Multiple people this week, and people who in business I respect, well did respect, and people who are just doing it not for a business point of view, but just for fun in their car, doing Facebook Lives with their camera, their phone, stuck on their dashboard. And they’re driving along and they’re looking at it occasionally, and driving along looking at it occasionally. What the hell, people! I get that we do Facebook Lives for visibility, and for confidence, and to let people know what we’re doing, and to show… There’s a gazillion reasons for doing Facebook Lives. Putting your life in danger, or the life of other people in danger, is not one of them.

Pinterest - Safety isn't expensive, it's priceless - Samantha LeithI got my grumpy pants on about this. One person in particular, who I think has built an incredible business over the last couple of years, who I follow and respect, I repeat did respect, has done a great job doing what they did, I went through, unfollowed, got off the email list today, unfollowed them. It’s not cool. Apart from the danger aspect of it, when you’re doing a Facebook Live it’s like a conversation. I can see who pops up in my feed and see who’s watching it, and people comment sometimes and things like that, so that’s like an interaction. But I think for me it’s like performing on stage. The lights are in your eyes. I can’t see who’s out there necessarily watching me, whether it’s singing or speaking or MCing, but I put out this energy and I do what I do.

You’re driving behind the wheel of the car and you’re putting that energy into your phone. You can’t possibly be concentrating on where you’re going. It’s totally impossible. There’s a reason why governments all round the world have banned us using these little devices while we’re in cars. And you might justify it and go, “Oh, but I didn’t touch the phone.” You were still putting attention and energy to this inanimate object instead of concentrating on where you’re meant to be going. And when I’m doing a Live, apart from this one because it’s a bit of a rant, I’m still doing it. I’m having a conversation, I’m talking to you guys, I’m interacting. And you feel what you’re doing. It might just be a phone I’m talking to, but it’s like a person is there.

[inaudible 00:03:04] totally be better. That’s so funny, Yvonne, you just commented as me. Hilarious, I love it. Comment away. But yeah, a couple of people today I saw, and he’s literally driving along and it was there, and he’s like looking at this camera like that as he’s driving. Do you know you get fined now, and I think you might lose points, if your passenger is doing stuff on their phone while you’re driving? So the fact that people still think it’s okay to do that blows my mind. You may as well have just drunk three bottles of wine and got behind the wheel of a car. Yes, I’m ranting, and I’m sorry but I’m grumpy about this today, because I’ve seen it time and time and time and time and time and time again.

Same with IGTV, the Instagram ones, same with any of those things. Your car is not the place to do it. It’s not the place to do it. I did one Live in my car when I was sitting parked, with the engine off, waiting for Elodie to come out of Drama one night. I’ve done a couple of Lives where I’ve been out and about and I needed to do it, and because I’m dedicated to doing this every day, I’ve pulled over, turned off the car, gotten out and done it. I’ve got a phone mount in my car, I could have done like that, but I’m not an idiot. Well, not in that regard, I’m an idiot and many other ways. But we don’t need to discuss that tonight.

So I’m going to get off my high horse now and keep this a short one. But I just implore you, if any of my business-y friends that do Facebook Lives or IGTVs, watch this, take note. We think you’re a douche bag if you do this. It is wrong, wrong, wrong. And if you’re taking videos of your kids while they’re singing along… Admittedly 10 years ago we kind of didn’t know it was a bad thing to do, so I probably… No, I don’t think I ever drove along and took photos of Elodie while I was driving, always when I’d pulled over. But we know now. It’s a bit like people that take up smoking now, you know it’s going to kill you, don’t take it up. You know picking up a phone in the car is a bad idea, don’t do it.

Okay, Sam rant over, thank you for putting up with me. We will return to normal viewing tomorrow night when I haven’t seen so many idiots online.