Good evening ladles and jelly spoons. Don’t we all remember that joke from when we were younger? Tonight, as a quick Live, I wanted to do a shout out and a thank you to all the people that support your dreams, specifically parents. Recently, [Ellady 00:00:23]… As you know, does a lot of performing arts, and she has been having to be here there and everywhere all the time, doing rehearsals, costume checks, shows, filming, blah, blah. So I’m running around like a chook with my head chopped off, dropping her at all these things, and then waiting and doing things. And it reminded me of… And I joke with friends, I go, “It’s payback for all those times my parents had to wait for me.”

And it’s not, it’s just what I think parents should do. And I don’t like to use the should word, but we support the goals and the dreams of our children. And I think we often thank parents for that kind of role. And my parents would literally sit outside a nightclub at two o’clock in the morning, because I was underage and I was in there singing, and they’d wait for me to come out and then drive me home. My father… When I was in the Royal School of Church Music in Brisbane, we would have rehearsals a couple of times a week, and he’d wait for me, and he probably waited at the pub. And then when I finished, he’d take me to McDonald’s and I’d have a cheeseburger on the way home, on my way back to the Brisbane River to row out to the boat that we lived on. Yes, some of you didn’t know that one.

Pinterest - No matter where you're from, your dreams are valid - Samantha LeithAnd so today I’m driving Ellady around, and then I just go and wait somewhere for a couple of hours. Thankfully I got to do it with a couple of nice friends. But we often thank our parents when we get up for speeches and at 21st’s, or we’ve graduated, and you go, “Thanks to our parents for supporting me in my dreams and aspirations.” I often don’t know if we thank other people that support our dreams and goals and aspirations enough. And you’ve heard me talk before about be careful of who you share your dreams with, because the whole dream stealer kind of phenomenon where people knock you down a peg. A lot of the time they’re doing it because they think they’re protecting you from getting hurt. But I don’t know if we often enough say to people that do do the odd thing or many things to support our dreams, that we say thank you.

I went to a friend’s showcase the other night. I do try and go to things, and I often think I don’t go to enough. So if any of my friends are feeling unsupported by me, I’m sorry. I do do my best, but sometimes I don’t think that is enough. And we can support our friends and our family in their dreams in many, many different ways. So if your friend, if you think they’ve started a new business or something like that, share it. If you genuinely think they’re doing something great, buy it. If your friend has started a coaching business for example, and you think they would work well with someone on their coaching business, introduce them.

All it can take is sometimes the tiniest bit of additional support to help someone believe more fully in their own dreams, because sometimes we’re like, “Oh, I’m not sure about this. I haven’t got all the feedback I wanted. I’m not a hundred percent convinced.” And then all it takes is one person going, “That’s a great idea.” Or, “I liked your product, I bought it.” Or, “Do you need any help?” Any of those things to validate what you believe in and what you think is possible for you.

So I just wanted to give a shout out to all those parents sitting in their cars waiting for long performances, and all those husbands and wives that are driving around, picking up things for their partner. All those friends that might buy that additional bunch of flowers at their friend’s new florist shop, even if they don’t need them. That support is worth a million dollars.

So from me to all of you, thank you for the support you’ve shown me in doing this, and in my business and my crazy ups and downs over the years. And thank you for your support, if I know you personally, on a lot of the personal stuff that’s gone on with Mum and stuff. And for those of you that are out there doing something for your friends and your family, good on you. Keep supporting them. Because without the support of the people closest to us, it can often be hard to get to the next step. So happy Saturday night. If you’re waiting somewhere at a school performance, have fun, and I will see you tomorrow night.