Good evening, folks. Happy Wednesday. Happy hump day. What a day, what a day. Now when I started this live, I made a promise to myself and anyone I spoke to about it that I would always be real. Real Sam. You would get me. You would have me with a face mask on in the bath, drinking champagne with friends, happy, sad, angry, ranting, reading from something really carefully planned, being more off the cuff, but it would always, always be real.

So in all honesty, I’m going to tell you that today is the first day I have genuinely not just … Oh, I’m not sure what I’m going to talk about, can’t be bothered, a bit tired kind of thing. Genuinely not I wanted to do this because I didn’t feel I could be the best me doing it, that I would not be teaching you something or helping you with something or being funny, making you laugh, doing something. That’s the stuff I love to do.

And that got me thinking, no, Sam, you said you’d always be real. So today I’m sad. I had a bad day and I thought I wrote this stuff about what happened and turned it into a lesson because I’d had to do some thinking and some unpacking and working out how to kind of make myself feel better about stuff. And at the end of the day, I’m like that’s not the right thing to do today either, today is …

Pinterest - You have to experience sadness to know happiness - Samantha LeithThere’s so much going on in the world and I don’t know if maybe that’s all getting to be a little bit as well, but today I’m sad. I haven’t dealt with something in a way best to me and you know the stuff I do. I work with … I think of the model from the life coach school, I work with some [inaudible 00:02:13] stuff where the benefits and the drawbacks of situations. I work with a multitude of personal development tools when I’m having a bad day or if something’s going on to kind of see the good in it or the bad on it or the lesson, or it’s not a failure, it’s a lesson.

And today I’ve done that work and I still can’t see it. And this is not a there’s bad stuff going on, like it’s not. You know when just some stuff just personally gets you and you don’t deal with it that well, and for the point of this live meeting, baring my soul in this way, is that for everyone you see out there who’s always putting on a happy face, always telling you the great things and things like that, you know what? 99.9% of the time I am happy, 99.9% of the time I deal with stuff and I can be in a bad situation and I can flip it and I can see the positive and I can do …

And then some days you just can’t and we don’t have to pretend. If you look at the rates of drug abuse, alcoholism, depression, suicide, so many negative things that happen because people can’t deal with their feelings very well or don’t deal with their feelings very well, and therefore, sometimes think they have to pretend and make everyone think that everything’s okay.

Now that’s not what I’m doing. I’ve had a bad day and I’m sad and I’m not going to pretend that I’m not and I’m not going to read you my 10 tips for dealing with this type of situation, because I’m not ready to do that. I haven’t unpacked it all. I haven’t figured it all out myself yet, and to do something in a reactive manner today when I haven’t got a handle on it is bad. That’s bad Juju. That’s bad stuff to do.

In the speaking world they say, and tonight actually hit me, in the speaking world they say you should never talk about something that’s gone on in your life if you haven’t dealt with it a hundred percent completely because that energy, that negativity, the anger, the resentment, any of that stuff that’s going to come out is … What the hell is the point?

People aren’t there to listen to you to be a therapy session, you guys aren’t here to listen to me to be a therapy session, I’m here to provide insights and education and what are my words? Education, empowerment, experience. You got it, entertainment, and that’s my motto. That’s what I do. So until I’ve unpacked it all and dealt with it, I mean, that’s not going to work today.

So could I have sat here and grabbed one of my books and thought of something really positive to tell you or could I have gone on a rant about the environment and being disappointed in the fact that [inaudible 00:05:24] and I couldn’t get to the March this afternoon because she was filming? Yeah, of course I could, but that’s not what’s actually going on in my head. What’s going on in my head is I’m sad and I’ve got work to do on that stuff.

So when I have figured it out, I will share. Promise, that’s what I do, but lessons aren’t meant to be shared unless you’ve learnt the lesson. So happy Wednesday. For those of you that did get to the march this afternoon, thank you, thank you, thank you. I hate for those of you that commented on my [inaudible 00:05:51], “Should we start a political party?” Thank you for that as well. All that stuff means the world to me, so thank you. Happy Wednesday.