[inaudible 00:00:00]. Okay, so now I’ve got impostor syndrome because we just did … oh, I burped. We did a live with Kate, and she had all these people coming into her feed going, “Heart, heart, heart, I love you, message, message.” Now she’s doing a live with me, and-

Well I have been working in the space for 12 years, so, I just think you are just such a breath of fresh air. I love listening to your lives-

… Oh, thank you.

… I listen every day. I was very sad that you were sad the other day.

I was so sad, oh my God. I was [inaudible 00:00:30].

It was sad. So, we’re happy today though.

We are happy today. It’s Friday.

It’s Friday.

And I go on holidays on Monday.

I’m not happy about that. Everyone’s leaving me. Oh, we’ve got one person.

Oh, hi.

Let us know who you are.

Yes please do let us know who you are.i shops.

Yes we will. So this is just a Friday night chat. I normally come on these lives with a particular topic I want to talk about, or rant, and I’m going to take a leaf out of Kate’s book I think and do just a hello.


Doesn’t have to have anything special, we’re just friends catching up, which is lovely.

Do you know what I’m hating at the moment?


Christmas carols.

Okay, you know the bit I just said about friends? No longer friends. What do you mean you’re hating Christmas carols?

So, I was at my favorite shop, Country Road in Chatswood Chase the other day-

I’m going to cry.

… that’s where I buy all my clothes, and I said to one of my friends who works there … I’ve become friends because I’m a very valued customer, and I said, “Seriously? Do you get paid extra to listen to this shit all day?” And she turned around, and she said, “It’s fucking killing me.” That’s at Country Road.


But imagine if you had to work …

(singing). No? Too soon?

Michael Buble can plum fuck himself. Do you know he’s-

(singing). What do you think about that?

Pinterest - Make the most out of the mundane - Samantha LeithThat’s a great song.

Okay, so should they have had to change the lyrics? No.

It’s a bit of a rapey song.

But it was written decades ago. It’s no worse than Lizzo getting up there going [inaudible 00:07:12]. Like really, it’s a song, people.

Get over it. I’m really upset that they’ve changed the … I’m so upset that they’ve changed the words.

(singing). Oh look, we’ve got a thumbs up. That’s because I’m talking about Michael Buble, thank you. Do you know, the only reason he is successful is that he’s Alan Jones’ bitch?


Yup. Alan Jones discovered him-

I did not know that.

… and bought him out, and helped record him, and then he put him on his show. That is why Michael Buble-

I can actually see that.

… is Alan Jones’ bitch.

I don’t think I’ve gotten a Michael Buble album, so I’m not part of the crowd. But I have listened to him in a lot of shops, because he’s in every shop.

He would be a dud root.

You reckon?

Do you think he would be good?

Okay, so recently, my benchmark of good might not be …

I’ve been rooting the same person for the last 16,000 years, so I wouldn’t know.

I haven’t, so let’s [inaudible 00:08:19]. Sex is for next week.

No, but who’s your celebrity pass?

My celebrity pass, oh my God.

By female and male.


J. Lo.

Hell to the yes.

She’s gorgeous.

I’ll pole dance with her any day.

Jon Bon Jovi.

Oh, no.

Shut your face.

His hair’s too long. I like a little bit-

Shut your face.

… Robert Downey Jr.

And you’re laughing at me?

Robert Downey Jr.? Yeah. Robert Downey Jr.

And so you got J. Lo and Robert Downey Jr.

J. Lo and Robert Downey Jr. sandwich.

And you know my second one? Salma Hayek?

Oh, yeah. She’s so cute and little with big boobies.

And she breastfed that baby, [crosstalk 00:09:03]-

And she’s married to a gazillionaire. LMV-

… That doesn’t … (singing).

… Again, it’s one of those things, you look at all the letters and it’s like LV, Louis Vuitton, Moet, Hennessy, what are the other letters? It’s like, 15 letters in that company. Anyway, we’re rambling now. Happy Friday, we just wanted to catch up. And I wanted to bring Woogie on.

Hi, everyone.

Because I make Woogie do a live today.

She did, I haven’t done a live for a year because I’ve lost all my confidence and she gave me a kick up the ass. And we had two glasses of wine, and she made me do it. And it was so lovely, because-

It was so good.

… It was so lovely to see the gang getting back together, and people I haven’t heard from for awhile.

Which has made us go, we have to do more live events, because we enjoyed doing the live, the Hot Flashes.

Hot Flash. We are Flashing tomorrow, by the way.

I’m not yet, I’m still not flashing, just if anyone wants to know.

I’m just saying the podcast [crosstalk 00:09:58].

And we’re going to do more live events, and we’re going to do a retreat next year.


So you’re going to have-

That’s going to be good.

… confidence, and fun, and drinking, and menopause talk, and bitching, and celebrity crap, and everything all wrapped up in a weekend.

It’s going to be awesome.

With people bringing us drinks to our beach chairs.

I like that.

I don’t want to go get my own.

Hey, can you give us a thumbs up or a pew pew if you are watching-

A pew pew, I know what a pew pew is now.

It’s a little love heart.

It’s a little heart, pew pew. Someone’s watching, but I don’t know who it is.

We don’t know who it is.


I think we’re going to wrap it up now.

Okay, we’re going to go. Bye, see you tomorrow.

Have a lovely weekend.