Me dance-y like it’s Sunday. Random accent. Happy Sunday guys. Yes, it’s Q&A Sunday where I answer something you guys have asked me, or something Eldoie’s asked me, or something somebody’s asked me, and I’ve thought, “Oh yeah, I could do something with that.” So twice this week I’ve seen, actually many, many times this week I’ve seen stuff online about this, but twice this week I’ve been asked about it because I have talked about how I do it in the past.

So every year I have a word of the year, and I should have got my props ready before I started this, so I’ll just unattach myself from here, I’ve got this new gadgety thing, and I’ll flip it. So this year’s year of the word was rich, and it was all based off the back of drinking that champagne. So then I surround myself with it, so I do a word cloud every year with my word. And this word cloud, it’s a Chinese symbol for wealth, I think, I hope no one led me on a garden path on that one. And I had all the words that I wanted to feel rich in, so money, lavish, I wanted to be rich in patience. Yeah, okay. I wanted to be patient, entrepreneurship, affluence, wealthy, charisma, creativity, rich in all these incredible things. And then I had my words up there, rich, you get the drift? I know, it’s cute, isn’t it? Love, hi Johnny.

So people are talking about how they get their words of the year already. You can download books on it, which I’ve actually never done, I just made up my own way of doing it. And sometimes that word just hits me out of the blue and I don’t need to do an exercise on it, other years I’ve had to do an exercise on it. I think I’ve got some old word clouds as well, still stuck up because, stuck up, my word clouds are very snobby. Stuck up because, well, why the hell not?

So how do I come up with my word for the year? Well, actually this is one of my, did you know I have a podcast coming out? So I’ve got a podcast launching in January, and in one of the podcasts in January, it’s about planning, and we do talk about how to pick a word of the year. So tonight’s a bit of a snapshot. What I do, similar to The Passion Test and many other things, words are so important, Johnny, they’re so, so, so powerful, surround yourself with the best ones, so good. So sometimes it might be words that, I’m going to be honest, sometimes it might actually be a trendy word. And I go, “Oh, is that me? Is it not me?” And I might write a little list.

Pinterest - Good words are worth much, and cost little - Samantha LeithAnd then I ask myself the question, “If I could feel rich all year, for example, or I could feel sexy all year, which one’s more important?” And I go down the list that way and mark it off until I go, “Oh yeah, that’s the word.” Sometimes, like rich last year, it was the bottle of champagne. I went, “I love that bottle, that means something to me, that’s going to be my word for the year.” Because to me it encompassed so many things, not just money, and I’ve had a very, very rich year. Probably not enough money, but anyway, that’s a whole other story.

So my word for next year, well, I’ve already come up with it. And I came up with it from a place of working out what was, not lacking in my life, but working out what word I needed to embody a lot more, that if I did, if I drowned in this word for 12 months, what changes would I see in my life within that 12 months? So for me, my word for 2020 is consistency. Now, I haven’t done a word cloud yet on it, and part of me goes, “Oh, that’s a bit boring, consistency.” But to me it feels great. So I asked myself the question, “If there’s one word that you think about all the time, that you surround yourself with, that you feel more, that you know more, that you learn more about, that just is there for you all year, what changes would you see at the end of the year if you embodied that word?”

So for me, all the words I’ve looked at in the last week or so, going, “What will my word be, what will my word be?” And I’ve done the exercise a couple of times, and just nothing felt right. And nothing had slapped me in the face going, “Yay, pick me, pick me, pick me.” And so I went through, what do I want more of next year, how do I want to feel, what do I want to change? And consistency is it. And that can, or, I love all, that’s a good one, that’s a good one, Johnny, I like that. What’s your one for next year? Let me know. So I want consistency in everything. Consistency in revenue, consistency in my exercise, in my friends, my social life, seeing shows, reading, everything. I reckon if I have more consistency in everything, life will just continue to get better.

And these lives are an example of this. I don’t think I’ve been so consistent, as I’ve said before, on anything, ever, in my life. And I think if you’d said to me a year ago, or 18 months ago, “I think you’re going to pick consistency as your word.” I would have gone. “Pardon? Really? Oh, that’s so boring. No.” No, totally means something to me now. So that’s my word for 2020, and that’s how I did it. So I had that exercise, I pick some words that feel something and then I go through and go, “If I could have this and not have this, which would I want? If I could have this, or have this, which would I want?” As I said, same exercise as the TPT, The Passion Test. Or it comes to me randomly, I go, “Oh yeah, that’s the word.”

But at the core of it, it’s about, and some people, don’t get me wrong, having a word does not mean you’re going to have an incredible year. Truly, the word ain’t it, there’s a whole lot more involved in having a good year than just having a word. And I’ll go through more of that in the podcast in January as well. But to me that word is a reminder, it’s that consistency, funny that, that’s funny actually, isn’t it? Consistency. That it’s there for me everywhere, and I’m like, “Hmm, if I do that, this year for example, if I’m doing that, will it make me feel rich?” If it’s a no, I’m like, “Maybe we shouldn’t do that? Maybe I’ll look at my boundaries, maybe I’ll look at what I’m doing, my choices, et cetera?” So I think having that word is really good to guide you for 12 months.

So there you have it, Q&A, how do I pick my word for the year? You’ve heard a couple of the ways I do it. And I’ve told you my word for next year is consistency. So I’m going to give you permission, if at any point in the year you go, “Samantha Mary Leith, you’re not being very consistent.” You get to send me a DM and go, “What are you doing?” Because I’ve made a solemn vow to be consistent in many, many areas of my life.

So have a great Sunday, countdown to Christmas is on, Elodie and I leave the country tomorrow. But I’ll still be doing my lives, so they might be weird times because we’re going to the other side of the world, but I will still be around. So until I see you tomorrow, have a think about what you want your word to be. And if you need any help on where to get word clouds done or anything like that, shoot me a message and I’ll give you the details. Fiverr for that kind of thing is just awesome, but there are a couple of people that have done it for me in the past that are great. Night night.