Welcome to The Roaring 20’s. I feel like I should do a dance. Okay. Maybe I won’t do that dance. First day of 2020. Oh my gosh. And a lady woke up this morning went, “What will my first outfit of the 20’s be?” Yes. Priorities. So then of course I thought, what will my first outfit of the 20’s be? So I went for something sparkling. By now your Facebook feeds, your Instagram page, or email inboxes have been full of how to wrap up your 2019 and start 2020 with the most amazing year, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

And a lot of us get into all that stuff. And then by the fifth or the 7th of January we’re bitterly disappointed because we’ve fallen off the track of what we started committed to on the first. So I just want to say to you, don’t set yourself up for failure.

There’s so many different statistics about how long people actually maintain their New Year’s resolutions. There are so many statistics on how people get all gung-ho at the beginning of the year, and the minute they fall off the wagon. Or whatever it might be. It might be a business thing, an exercise regime, a drinking, a friendship thing. It could be anything, but the minute they feel they’ve fallen off the track just a little bit. Since the whole year kind of derailed. So I just want to say you, don’t do it, really seriously don’t do it.

Pinterest - The beginning is the most important part of the work - Samantha LeithThere is no magic formula to 2020 being the best year ever. There is, yes, it’s a start of a new decade, but you know what? 2010 was the start of a new decade. 2000 was the start of a new decade. And we’d all just gotten over our paranoia of the Y2K bug. And at midnight the whole world didn’t fall apart. Remember that? We were all so concerned that the whole world was going to fall apart at midnight in the year 2000. And the fireworks went off and the world didn’t collapse. So the Y2K bug was like, eh. And in 2010, I actually can’t remember if there was a big kind of… I don’t remember there being such a big deal about the fact that it was new decade in 2010. Now, I don’t know if that is because social media was still pretty new then. I know I think I’ve been on Facebook since 2007, but it wasn’t as everywhere as it is now.

And literally at the moment everybody’s doing my decade end review, my year-end review, how to have the next best decade of your life. And there is only one way, each day do better than you do the day before. That’s it. And if you have a day that’s a bad day then get back up and at ’em. If you try something in your business and it doesn’t work then change. If you have a friendship that doesn’t feel great, then change. That’s it. You can’t sit here and write a manifesto on a notepad about what this decade is going to mean to you or what this year is going to mean to you. And that’s piece of paper’s gospel and that’s what happens. The world doesn’t work like that. You know what? Shit happens, shift happens. And so my message I guess to you just on the first day of this brand new decade and a brand new year is to be kind to yourself and to not buy into the fact that you can do one thing and it makes everything magic, because it really doesn’t.

I talk a lot about goal setting and I’ll be doing a lot more about that this year. I’ve got a lot of stuff happening this year. As you know my word for 2020 is consistency. And I’ve always thought that wasn’t my good strength and doing these lives has made me go, “Oh, you know what? Consistency is kind of a good thing. I don’t mind this.”

So that’s everything I do in my life will be with that back consistency this year. And then I saw someone said consume less and care more. And I loved that. And that’s going to be a bit of my motto for the year as well. And I do have already mentioned that, but I’m going to mention it again because I think it’s important. And then on that caring more I think there’s many areas of that.

We can care more about the planet. We can care more about people. We can care more about ourselves. So what we’re all trying to do better for the world around us, don’t forget about doing better for yourselves because I think that caring starts at home. And the kinder you are to yourself, the kinder you are going to be to those you love, those you don’t even know, and to the planet around you. So that would be my kind of thing. So welcome to 2020. Hopefully these roaring 20’s won’t see prohibition and bad black and white movies with slapstick humor. Oh my God, that would be my idea of a hell. I can’t stand slapstick humor. Yes or no black and white movies with all funny guffy stuff. Now, I’ll have to do it just to be different.

Have a great day, great night wherever you are. And may this 1st of January 2020 be a start of many, many awesome days and decades and years for you.