Hey guys. So it’s the 7th of January, morning with me, nighttime for most of people that watch these, I think. Oh, there’s a few people… Anyway, beside the point. How are your resolutions going? You know, those things we will make on December 31st, after a couple or too many glasses of wine and we go, I’m going to do this for a year. I’m never going to do this again. I’m going to make a million dollars, lose 500 kilos, have four children, travel the world in a yacht. What are some other resolutions [Elodie 00:00:37] throw me some. Eat an apple a day.

Regardless of what your resolutions are that you have made, chances are by now, you’ve had a bit of a lull, or you may have actually fallen off the bandwagon completely. You may have forgotten what the resolution is. You may have decided it’s not the right resolution for you.

And I talk a lot about right goals versus goals you do for other people. Resolutions are goals with a different name, really. Apart from the… Okay, so they’re not exactly, you get my drift though. So don’t feel bad. Statistics show that just about everybody on the planet that ever makes a resolution, doesn’t get to the end of January. So if you’re getting to day seven and going, oops, you’re not alone, honey, you’re totally not alone.

So I just want offer you some advice, be kind to yourself. Because you had that glass of champagne last night when you said you weren’t going to drink for a year, just start again today, just start again tomorrow. Baby steps. And often we make these big, big, big resolutions, which we haven’t actually set ourselves up for success with. So we haven’t put the systems in place, the habits in place to actually make it work and support us in doing the resolution.

Pinterest - A failure to take precise and deliberate action is the reason why so many New Year’s resolutions and other goals fail - Samantha LeithSo be kind to yourself. Baby steps, so if you can go back to… I did a live or look on the blog where I did the do it diet. I talk about my three by three methods. So that’s… And you can pick any number you like really. I tend to not like working on more than three or five goals at a time. So if I’m doing that, it’s like what three or five things, whatever number I’m doing, can I do every single day to help support the achievement of that goal or sticking to that resolution? So I would use the same method for that. And I use… You’ve seen photos of them before I do charts in camera where I cross off. I’ve done this today and this today and this today. And I was doing it for my lives every single day.

I think I got today 150 and stopped doing it. It’s a habit now. But I cross off that I’ve done that today. So whatever your resolution is, if you could do something like that, just to see it, have that visual reminder every day, you could use an app to do it. You could use your diary or your journal to do it. You can just take notes to do it. I personally like having it stuck up somewhere where I can mark it off. My office here’s going to be crazy for things I can mark off. Because I’ve got lots of things to achieve, but that’s a really good way to do it.

And if your resolution is to say, let’s go fitness, for example, and you want to be fitter, run more, et cetera. Instead of going out this over the last 10 days and next week and trying to run 10K and hurting yourself. So then you bugger up the rest of the year because you feel bad, you’re injured, you got to pay physio, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, baby steps. Get an app like Couch to 5K, and do a little bit every day, and build up to doing that resolution. It doesn’t all have to be achieved this month. That’s why we tend to stuff them up. Because we try and get it all done. Because we can be pretty impatient SOB’s. I know I can. I am practicing patience and tolerance. I am practicing patience and tolerance.

So there would be those two things. Get support of a friend. Any friend, family, someone that you can go, hey, I’m trying to do this, working on it. It’s not working so well. Get them to help you. Having a backup buddy with that kind of thing, or as I call it, girlfriend is a really, really, really good idea. So go back and look at the do it diet. And don’t just my words for you, don’t beat yourself up about not having stuck to a resolution so far.

Even with the do it diet or any of my goal setting stuff, you can have a look and go, well, is this really what I want? Or was I just picking something randomly out of the air because I thought, oh I better have a resolution? Because if it’s not what you want you’re not going to do it. Okay. That would be my advice. So have a look at that over the next 24 hours and do at least one thing tomorrow, but I say three or five. One, three, or five. There you go, odd numbers. That really, really supports cementing that resolution for you. Okay. Just do that. Do something. It’ll make you feel great. Bye. Have a good night.