Hey guys. Elodie and I are now in Doha, starting the trek … Well, halfway through the trek home, and I actually want your help. So, we’ve talked a lot about planning the year, and word of the year, and your goals, and all that kind of thing, and full immersion visioning, which I talked about last week. One of the things I encompass in my yearly routine, and the theme for the year, et cetera, I’ve got the word clouds, I’ve got work, all that stuff that I do. One of them’s a song. So, every year I pick a song that is like my theme song for the year, and it’s my ringtone on my phone. So, I learn all the lyrics. I hear it all the time, so it’s like this reminder of where I’m going that year. Last year’s song of the year was actually Limitless, J-Lo. Actually, I swapped the song of the year about halfway through the year.

Pinterest - Where words fail, music speaks - Samantha LeithMy word for the year this year was consistency, and I’ve been going through song lists on Spotify and looking at songs, and going back through my brain of a gazillion songs I’ve known in my lifetime, and I can’t come up with the theme song for this year. So, I’m asking for your help. So, if you can think of a song that’s screams to you, Sam, or consistency, or anything I’ve talked about in terms of where you think what I’ve been saying I’m going this year and what I’m doing and accomplishing. If you can think of a song, let me know what it is, because I’d really like to hit the ground running back in Sydney, and have a song locked and ready to go.

So, let me know what your thoughts are. I will be back tomorrow so we’ll go back to normal standard viewing with these lives and I can’t believe I’m over 200 of them already. It just blows my mind. So, I’ll see you all tomorrow. Bye.