Pinterest - Swim naked in the rain - Samantha LeithWhatever. Yeah, dancing to rain dance time. So occasionally I give you an update on one of the Samantha Leith Manifesto points, and you can download the manifesto at samanthaleith.com. And today, if you’re not in Sydney, I’ll let you know that Sydney is hot as hell today. Really, really, really hot. And it was a really dry heat all day and really, really windy. And in the last hour, it’s just got intensely muggy. So one of the things on my manifesto is to swim naked in the rain, and it’s not raining but I thought I’d give it a whirl anyway to maybe try and bring on the rain. So, no, I’m not going to show you me swimming naked in the rain. I don’t think that would be allowed on Facebook. But why I want to mention it and talk about it is it’s really fricking fun, and it’s one of those things that as we get older, I think, I don’t know, actually, sometimes we just get boring and we forget how to have fun.

So there’s a few things on the manifesto like singing at traffic lights, swimming naked in the rain, don’t forget to have fun, have breakfast in bed because you can. There’s a few things like that, that are really just there to inspire you to let go of all that stuff that controls us. The to-do list, the where we have to be, the people can’t see me without my makeup on, the money issues, the drama that goes on in our life. And actually just, you know what? Have some fun, let go, remember our childhoods, the good bits of our childhood because we didn’t all have fabulous childhoods all the time, but just remember that letting go and that being free. And there is actually nothing quite like swimming naked in terms of freedom, it’s fricking awesome.

Tell you a funny story. Million years ago now, I’m not that old, I was on the boat with my mom and dad, and we were moored alongside a couple of other boats, and us kids were hanging out on the deck of one of them, and our parents were all in the water skinny dipping, as they do, and they were singing this fabulous little [inaudible 00:02:26]. (singing) Yeah, I’m not going to do that now either. But it was fun and they were adults having fun. And sometimes we can sit in so much judgment, we put on a Judgy McJudge Judge hat when people are doing that kind of thing and it’s not right. Like, just let go and have fun occasionally. It’s a really, really good thing. So if it rains later tonight… Maybe my little rain swims helped Sydney, I hope there’s rain at some point in other areas of Australia at the moment because we need more of it, it’s just been heartbreaking. But while all that is going on, you too can actually still have some fun sometimes. So please do, and I will see you tomorrow. Bye.