Hey gang. Saturday night, doo, da, doo, doo. I hope you actually are all out doing something fun. Maybe you’re watching this live. Who knows? Maybe you might watch it later. But I wanted to talk about instant confidence boosters and they can take the form of just about anything. I, for one have a couple of instant confidence boosters. Lipstick and shoes make me feel instantly. Ooh, I got this. Friends, instant confidence boost to me a lot of the time. And I spent a week at a time with a couple of friends this afternoon, which was great. Because I had a dreary worky day today. Lots of knuckle down stuff. So I was feeling a bit flat. So a little lippy, shoosh up the hair and I feel like I’m everything again. And I don’t always need it. What’s interesting is if… My mother once said, actually, no, she said it many times when I was little, “You should never leave the house without your lipstick on because you never know who you’re going to meet.”

Pinterest - When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things - Samantha LeithWe’ll point out she didn’t really drum in a whole lot of the other stuff you meant to do every time you leave the house. But that’s a whole other story. But the lipstick thing has stuck with me. It’s just an instant pep. It’s almost a bit… Hang on. A bit of a quick shot of perfume also is like a little bit of a huh.

For some people it might be fresh flowers are a confidence booster. Music as a confidence boost. Something they eat, something they drink. Something they say to themselves, there might be a mantra or an affirmation that you say to put yourself into a confident place, if you’re not feeling so confident I’d love to hear what your little confidence boosters are. If you’re not feeling confident, you know what you got to do, head over to the sevendayconfidencechallenge.com, sign up and just a few minutes a day, you get an email from me with a whole lot of stuff to help you feel more confident. And as I say, time and time again, confidence is a muscle and we have to keep building it. We have to keep exercising it. We have to keep working on it. And it’s important to work on it when you’re not feeling confident. So it’s important to do confidence boosting activities and surround yourself with things that make you feel more confident, especially when you’re feeling like crap. Really, really, really important.

It’s funny because when you’re feeling more confident, it’s like the confidence just comes in you in waves, I got that, I can do that, I look good, I know this. All that stuff and you’re secure in who you are and what you feel and what you’re saying and what you look like, all of that stuff.

And as soon as it starts to slip away, we stop doing the things that actually help support that confidence. So have a look and I think over the next 24 hours, think about it all the time. What are the things that make you feel more confident? Is it a kiss on the cheek from your partner as you walk out the door and you go, ooh, I got this. What is it? What is it that makes you feel more confident? What’s that instant pick me up? That coffee shot of confidence. What is that macchiato of confidence that’s going to keep you going. Okay. Have a great Saturday night and I will see you tomorrow. Bye.