Good evening, boys and girls. Happy Sunday. Happy long weekend, for those of you in Australia. Always feel weird how public holiday’s on a Sunday, but we get the extra day on a Monday. That’s a whole other conversation. So tonight’s Q and A is about your virtual board of advisors. Now I’ve talked about this a few times, I think, about having a virtual advisory board and why I do it and why many, many, many, many, many people do it. Because you can’t actually pick up the phone and often talk to people that you are like, way out there. Imagine I’m sitting, I pick up the phone and go, “Oh, hi Richard. Yeah. I just wanted to check, I’m…” No, Richard Branson’s not going to take your call, okay? Just not. So I could ask this question.

How do I choose my virtual board of advisors? Because I’ve kind of changed mine up a little bit. Well, I’m in the process of changing mine up for this year, because I’m a bit late with everything this year because of the holiday. So, one of the methods I use or have used in the past is, trust your bloody gut. Go with who you think you would love to be able to pick up the phone and say, “What do you think about this?” Or the people that you think are going to give you the best advice given it’s an advisory board in any particular situation. So that’s one way of doing it.

Another way of doing it is looking at something you’re working on in your life at a particular phase. So say for example, you’re on an absolute fitness mission. And by the end of the year, you want to be one of those physique models. That was hilarious. Then your virtual advisory board would probably be bodybuilders, body sculptors, fitness people, mindset, people, chiropractors, whatever. In that kind of area, would be probably your board of advisors. So that’s a goal related advisory board.

Pinterest - Walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the cheerful, the planners, the doers, the successful people with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground -SLAnother way of doing it is, something that you’re really figuring is an issue in your life, for example. You might be going through relationship troubles and you don’t necessarily want to, or aren’t in a place to say get coaching advice, so you may go have a virtual advisory board that consists of a whole lot of relationship people. It might be people that you think who’ve got a great marriage. Might be people that you follow their sex advice column. It might be Dr. Phil, who knows? People that you resonate with. And you think if you had the opportunity, you’d love to pick their brain about the said situation that you’re going through. So that’s another way of doing it.

The third way of doing it, which is one I tend to favor. Do a little bit of a combo. I do a little bit more. The third way, is actually to look At your wheel of life. So if you’ve done my wheel of life exercise, there’s eight sections in your wheel of life, right? And they are everything from career and finance, to mental, to physical, environment, all sorts of things. And what you could do is go, okay, well I want eight people on my advisory board. I want, who I consider, the best person in each particular area of my wheel of life and they’re going to make it my advisory board. And when I’m thinking, “Oh, I don’t know what to do about a certain situation.” Or “I wonder what so and so would do.” You can read their blog. You can just kind of tap into having seen them or heard them before and think, “Oh, you know what? That’s what Jack Canfield would do. I reckon that is what Jack would do. So I’m going to have a listen to that.” That kind of thing.

And the last way to do it is… So I don’t combination of this wheel of life one and this last way, okay? The last way is to look at your big dreams. So I’m not talking the goal this year or in the next 90 days. I’m not talking that kind of goal. I’m talking your big dream. You know that thing you write down every day in your journal that doesn’t have a date on it, is not specific… Oh, it’s specific, but it doesn’t fit into the criteria of being a smart goal. It’s a big dream. Okay? It’s a big dream. So what you might do is look at someone who you believe has walked the path of that big dream of yours and have them on your advisory board, okay? So I do a combination of three and four, but there’s four different methods of how to pick them.

When you are picking the people, obviously they’re probably never going to know they’re on your advisory board and you’re like besties. They’re not going to know, but what you want to do is I print out a photo of them and go, when faced with a difficult question, what would insert photo do? That kind of thing is a way to do it. You cover it written out, but you know me, I like my visuals around the place. And when you are faced with those, really sit with it. If they’ve got books, read their books. If they’ve got blogs, read the blogs. If they’ve got videos, watch the videos. If they’ve got podcasts, listen to the podcast. Absorb what everything you can about those people that you think you would love to pick their brains. Okay?

And you will be amazed at how many situations you start thinking about something, “Ah.” And then all of a sudden, pop. Dita Von Teese comes into your mind and you know exactly what you should wear. Know what I mean? So there’re my tips, that’s Q and A, was about the advisory board, so there you go. How to create your very own virtual advisory board. Pick one of the four methods or do a combination of all four and let me know how you go. Happy Sunday. Bye.