Hey guys. Guys and gals. Happy Saturday, I’m a bit late tonight, aren’t I? Sorry. Been a very, very, very busy day. We went and saw Shrek The Musical and wearing the wrong kind of green, sorry. I could put on Shrekkies, if you wanted, or I could sing a song (singing). Great musical, I do love that musical.

Tonight I wanted to actually touch on why it’s important to do things that you love to do. Now, I’m not talking in the business sense, so I’m not telling you to follow your passion and the money will come because you still got to work hard. And I’m not telling you that you’ll only get success if you did things you love, because we know that’s actually also not true. What I’m wanting to say you should do is bring in more of the fun stuff that you enjoy to do.

Pinterest - The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience - Samantha LeithGive you an example and why this is relevant to me at the moment. I’ve always loved, love, love, love, love, loved, entertaining people at our house, or my apartment, my old apartments, anywhere I’ve ever lived. I’ve been at a dinner party, lunch thrower for my whole life. When I was six, in fact, I went to the little local grocery store in Auckland, called dairy, called dairies over there, corner shop. And I wrote a shopping list of what I wanted to have at the birthday party and did a budget for it and gave it to my mum and I was like, “This is the party I want to have.” So it’s always been my thing. And those of you who followed me for a while, or are friends with me, you’d see what I’ve done over the years for [inaudible 00:01:42] birthday parties, mine, any of that stuff. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. And no, I don’t want to be an event organizer.

But, I’ve stopped having people over for lunches and dinners and things like that. And I don’t know when I stopped and I don’t really know why I stopped. Maybe it was because I got too busy. Maybe I was getting up too early so I didn’t want to have late nights. I really don’t know the answer to the question. And I journaled a little bit about it and I’m going to keep doing some work on it because I don’t want to lose it again. So I had a dinner party last night and I had six friends over, so there was seven of us, and I cooked a three-course meal, three dishes that I’ve never cooked before, and I freaking loved it. Loved it, loved it, loved it. From the stress of the lamb having to go in late because… it was amazing herb-crusted lamb… this is not a cooking show. Although maybe I should tell you what I cooked.

I got a home, it was so funny, I got home and the power, the lights were working in the house, but none of the power switches. So I’m like, I’ve got all this food, I’ve got people coming for dinner, I’m cooking three course, I’m going to make a cake, I’ve got to rest a leg of lamb, I’ve got… What do I do? What do I do? So I turned off every single light in the house and I do it room at a time and then go and flick the safety switch to see if the power had come back on. Wouldn’t come back on, wouldn’t come back on. Finally figured it out, it was a powerpoint outside because it’s rained so much in Sydney, that had bee the issue.

Phew, panic over, got to cook. But so they arrived and we had a freaking awesome night. Amazing night. Sat up chatting till the wee hours of this morning. People stayed over. And I am not fearful when I cook things that I’ve never cooked before, channeled my inner Nigella, you know she’s on my board of advisors. And it’s my happy place, bringing joy and excitement to other people and giving them a great experience.
Experience is one of those E-words that’s so important to me. I want everybody I come into contact with have a great experience, whether they’re clients, friends, audience members, doesn’t mean… really, I want everyone to have a great experience. And I had stopped having that a lot in my personal life, my social life.

So it’s just my message to you tonight. I want you to… Is there something you’ve stopped doing that you really used to enjoy? It might be you used to love hitting a game of golf. It might be that you used to love going to the library and borrowing five books and being a total… reading your books by the beach or something. What is it? Over the next couple of days, think about something that’s missing in your life that you used to do and really loved. And I really, really encourage you to get it back in. Bring it back into your life.

I’ll be having a lot more dinner parties or lunches, and they don’t all need to be massively extravagant. But yeah, so much fun, going to keep doing it. I wasn’t even that tired after my minimal sleep last night. So that’s my message to you, go have some fun… Bye. Happy Saturday. Hope you’re all watching Eurovision.