So today’s Facebook Live is brought to you by a horror film. Not quite a horror film, but it’s hard to work out where to put the torch. It is a really good torch though. Maglite, great torch. Where’d I get this one? I think an exactly left it at my house years and years and years ago.

If you don’t know Sydney is Armageddon yet it again. Actually a lot of Australia is like, anything that could go on weather-wise at the moment is … I don’t know where to put it … is just going horribly, horribly, godly wrong. So someone I know actually said on Facebook today, it was like Australia turned into the canary for the world climate crisis. Like at the moment it’s floods, droughts, fires. We haven’t had locusts yet, but they may be just around the corner. Not to play light of it at all. Gosh, at all. We’re lucky we just without power and there’s a lot of water. I know people that are being evacuated in Sydney. Like a 10 minute drive away. Because of flooding.

Pinterest - Starting something can be easy, it is finishing it that is the highest hurdle - Samantha LeithIt’s insane out there. Anyway, that’s not what my Live is about. The Q&a today is actually a question I was asked by a friend of mine today when we were talking about the fact that we’d lost power and it was meant to be a pretty big day for me in terms of getting things done. I just don’t know where to put this torch. I’m never going to get a job as a lighting person, am I? I look like I’ve got a fly on my head there. There. That’s kind of okay. Is that okay? That’s okay..

Because I had big deadlines I needed to get finished today, and I can’t. You can’t do stuff when there’s no power. And Sydney’s rain was so torrential. I had to go out, pick up [Elladee 00:01:50] At one point, but it’s really dangerous driving out there. And the whole area is out so it’s not like I could drive up to the library and work from there. So you have to just kind of go, “I can’t get it done.” Now the beauty of owning our own business is that if I don’t meet a deadline, unless it’s not being able to turn up to a meeting for a client or a deadline for a customer, it’s generally my problem and I just need to push a boundary. But we find, especially in these circumstances, it’s all out of our control. Like it really is out of our control.

And you have to just accept that you can’t get it done. No beating yourself up, no crying about it. No screaming, shouting, cursing Mother Nature, is going to change you being able to get it done on not being able to get it done. So acceptance is kind of the only way. So she was saying, “But you said you had to get this done by tomorrow.” I’m like, “Well, I do. So hopefully the power will be on tomorrow. And I’ll have to shuffle things to get it done tomorrow. And if it’s not, the deadline to get pushed. And yeah, I’m letting myself down, but nothing I can do about it.” I can’t magically charge my laptop with the Maglite, it’s going to work.

So times like these, I think we just have to become accepting. Like you just have to go, “You know what? This is actually what’s happening for me at the moment, and whatever I had in the schedule to get done is not going to happen. The world will not fall apart by my inaction at the moment.” The world’s just generally falling apart. So get the hell over it. If you looked at my backyard at the moment, I’d say climb over that bridge and build a bridge and get over it. That’s it. Okay. So I hope you’re all staying as safe as you can in this weather. Knuckle down, look after each other. Don’t forget to get batteries. And remember if you can’t get something done and it’s out of your control, don’t take it on. Like really, don’t take it on. I’ve stressed myself so much over the years for things like that. And I couldn’t fix it, can’t help it, so I no longer worry about stuff like that. Night, night guys, and see you tomorrow.