Hey guys. Back to my morning thing, which I just feel better doing. Hope that’s okay. Today, I want to talk about how feelings can’t hurt you. We all have feelings. Why this has come up for me the last couple of days, because I’ve experienced a lot of feelings. Anger, frustration, sadness, fear. I’ll touch on each of them a little bit. One of my goals this year is a massive speaking goal. It’s a number of speaking gigs, etc. One of my do goals every day is to reach out to a certain number of people. I have got to be honest, I haven’t been very good at doing it. I sat with it, I was like, “Why am I not doing this? Why am I not doing this?” And it all came out of fear, absolute fear. If I contact these people and they don’t answer, “Oh my God, I’m not good enough.” If I contact these people and I get a no, “Oh I’m not good enough.”

Pinterest - Our feelings are our most genuine paths to knowledge - Samantha LeithThis fear has been stopping me doing what I need to actually do. The irony is, obviously, the fear’s not what’s hurting me, it’s the not reaching out to people that is hurting me because I don’t have the possibility of getting what I want by helping people at their gigs, at their events and things like that, in my speaking or MC capacity. Number one, that’s really hit me this week. Fear just… I know a lot of people talk about this, the books written on the subject, that it’s not the thoughts or the feelings that do the crap to you, it’s the action or inaction that is a result of those thoughts or feelings, that it makes you get what you get in life. That fear hasn’t hurt me, the not taking action as hurt me.

The other one was the frustration and the kind of grr, and the grumpy pants I did put on for a little while about not having power, for example. I was like, mm-mm (negative) bloody hells [inaudible 00:01:58]. Again, I thought, like a lot of people I know are on Twitter, on Facebook are going, bloody hells [inaudible 00:02:07], argh, argh, argh, grumpy, grumpy, grumpy, grumpy, grumpy, and it’s not achieving anything. The emotion that you’re feeling, the anger, the grumpy pants crap about not having power, leads to you taking the action of being really narky. That’s actually not going to get the power on any quicker. I’m pretty sure, regardless of what we think… And I know they’ve cut down on a lot of jobs, etc. That they are restoring power to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. You jumping up and down screaming blue murder is probably not going to improve your chances of getting your power on.

Another one was sadness that I felt this week. You know, there’s been a couple of emotional things that have been going on. That sadness led to my action of not doing what I needed to get done a couple of times, but watching The Stranger on Netflix. Now, whilst The Stranger is a really good show, I’ll highly recommend it, that sadness led to my inaction and not getting, again, not being able to tick off things that I really want to get done because I wanted to lose myself in television. I just wanted to remind you, this is just a reminder that when you’re feeling something today, whether it be happiness. You’re really happy. You go like, ah, let’s go and drinking with other friends. Yay. We’re all so happy, but you actually really wanted to go to that Pump class at 6:30 tonight.

It’s not the happiness that’s hurting you. It’s the not taking the action of going to the Pump class and going boozing instead that’s hurting you. Now, you can still choose to do that, but just know that it’s the actions that you’re taking that are causing what’s going on for you. Sit with it for the next 24 hours. Every time you’re experiencing an emotion and we know there’s… emotions go from like way over here, like way over there. There’s so many emotions, there’s books about emotions, and none of those emotions are going to hurt you. Pinky promise like pinky swear, yeah, pinky… Oh, I can’t remember how it goes, but it’s what you do or don’t do in that feeling that is going to get you the results. A lot of the time, that action or inaction just makes you feel worse. So don’t do it. That’s my phone ringing. Oh my God. The landline. Wow. That’s weird. Bye.