(Singing). Great song. Got to love some Donna Summer. Happy Valentine’s Day everybody. What a great day if you are in love and have a partner. Now actually it’s a good day all around. So I want to talk about Valentine’s Day and self love. And I’m not talking about… Won’t mention that. Talking about the genuine, just knowing you’re okay and loving yourself. Not in a necessity, I’m so good and everyone’s worse than me kind of way. I’m talking about the way where you can genuinely appreciate great things about you much in the same way you would appreciate great things in a partner, or the great things in your kids, or siblings, or friends or things like that. And we tend to not actually look at those things in ourselves. I don’t know why. Because, I know, we like to beat up on ourselves so much.

So what I want you to do is I want you to take out a piece of paper. I don’t know if you’ve ever done the exercise. I did it once a million years ago, where you write down everything that you want in your perfect partner. And that’s meant to help you manifest them. Okay. It didn’t work for me. Maybe I’ll give another one. But I don’t want you to write out all of the things that you think would make you the most perfect you, the most lovable you. So whether it’s what you’re earning, what you’re doing as a job, where you live, your weight, let’s go out there. So the most perfect me, and this is not what I think by the way, is five foot seven instead of five, five and a half. I think five, five and a half and a little bit. And weighs 72 kilos, and earns a million dollars a year, and lives in a great gorgeous apartment in London, and only works five hours a day, and answers anything really quickly. You get the drift. Doesn’t bite fingernails.

Pinterest - Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world - Samantha LeithThe most outrageous, Oh my God, if I had that, I’d love myself. I would have so much self-worth if I could answer all those things about me. And all those things that you’re putting out there as being, Oh, if I had all of that, it’d be perfect. The very things that make you feel shit about yourself now. I’ve got a hair on my nose. It’s driving me crazy. So what I want you to do because it’s Valentine’s Day, I want you to be honest, switching around. So all those out there, “I can’t love myself until I’m perfect” staff, you want to bring back and we want to find the things that are in there now to make you love yourself right now. Because you know what? You’re awesome right now.

You don’t need to be all those “perfect things” to be able to love yourself. You’re actually never going to improve in anything if you don’t love who you are, what you are, where you are right now. And of that, I promise you. You don’t get anywhere from beating yourself up. Promise you. Tried it, didn’t work. Tried it for a long time actually. It didn’t work. Never got better. So once you’ve done that list of all the things that would be the perfect you, I want you to, on a separate piece of paper, look at each one. And say the first one is, you want to be five foot seven, 170 centimeters. I don’t know. I just made that up. Metric conversion. Who knows? And on the other piece of paper, I want you to write, I’m 165 and a half centimeters and I love that. I love that height or it’s the perfect height. Then you go, Oh, the perfect Sam would be a lawyer. Again, not going to happen.

And on the other page, go, I’m not a lawyer. However, I’m studying to be able to get there and I love that I’m doing that. Now this could take a bit of time. Because if you’ve written out the 20 things that would make you perfect, you’ve got to come up with the 20 things that are perfect and lovable right now. Me, for example, beat myself up, blow my face, biting my nails. The perfect Samantha would not be a nail biter. How can I flip it and make myself love myself now for my nails? Is I take care of my hands by getting my nails done. And I love myself for that, or that is perfect enough for me, or something along those lines.

But I want you to see how all of those things that you think are way over in the distance and make you not perfect right now. And you can’t be lovable now because you’re not all those perfect things. I want you to see, for each and every one of them, there is something right now that you can love. I promise you. This is an amazing exercise. And I challenge you, for anything you write on that perfect list, if you can’t find something in there that’s a little bit of you right now, even if it’s something so crazy out there, you might be able to find, I’ll be perfect if I can… I’m trying to think of something random. I’ll be perfect if I can do diving off a really high board. Okay. How about I love myself for dreaming of the day I can dive off a really high board. Okay. You can do it. I promise you, you can do this.

And at the end of this exercise, I want you to write, my name is [inaudible 00:05:51] and I love myself. I am perfect as is. Because you can improve on perfection because there is no such thing as perfect for all of us. We think it’s something completely different. And what I might think is perfect today, I’m going to change my mind about it tomorrow. So as long as you think you okay now, there’s always still room for improvement. But what’s important is that you love yourself in the now. So I want you to give yourself the Valentine’s Day treat of a lifetime by doing this exercise, okay. Please, pretty, pretty please do this exercise. It’s so good. And you really will, at the end of it go, Oh, I got it. I’m lovable. (Singing). Wouldn’t that be nice way to spend Valentine’s Day? Happy Valentine’s Day everybody. And I will see you tomorrow. Bye.