Hey, guys. Wow, it’s late on a Saturday night. So, I’ve been doing one of my very most favorite things today. And that was MCing, and… Night night. MCing and doing a number at an awards night. Now, this is a conference of naturopaths, which if you know me, nothing that natural about… Actually, no, I’m very natural. There’s no crappy up, but conferences usually for me are business development and motivational stuff and I’ve met all these incredible people today at this event that, man, they love life. Oh, wow, they love life. And they love what they do and they all have these different interests and there are these awards. And the fabulous Tammy Guest has put this event together, and I believe this is the second year. It was the first year of the awards, and all these awards were given to people within the industry that were nominated, thank you, by their peers in the industry. And they all voted, and then we got to award them prizes.

Pinterest - You don't need to do #allthethings - Samantha LeithAnd the joy and the love and the excitement for every single person that came on that stage was incredible. And as I talk about with the X factor stuff, it’s not just about their talent. So, they might be a naturopath that specializes in celiac disease, for example, but they have something that they give back to the community or they have an idea that comes out of left field or there’s something that they present on. And all together, that gives that X factor. That’s what it’s all about, it’s all these little pieces that go to that central part. It’s not just about what you do or the talent you have.

And what I encourage them all to do today is if they sat in the audience and went, “So and so got an award and I didn’t get an award,” and you know you’re happy for people when someone comes up and they get an award, you’re like, “Yay. I’m so happy.” And then, in the back of your head, you’re like, “I didn’t get an award.” Encouraged every single one of them to go, “You know what? Next year, I can be the person that gets that. Next year, I can be the person that has the most innovation in my business. I could be the person with the most business growth. I could be the person with the best community. I could be the person that thinks outside the square and does something really different for our industry.”

So, when you look at people that are doing well, don’t feel less. Make it mean what you need to strive for. That’s my message to you tonight, guys. Whatever you see people do, whether it’s money, looks, friends, relationships, business, house, whatever it is, make it mean that next step for you, where you want to get to. Don’t have a pity party about it, and just congratulate everybody for what they get. Oh my god, because they’re all awesome. The excitement, the love, the joy. They were so happy to see people get stuff, it was all fabulous.

So, I’m going to sign off because I forgot the time, different thing on the Gold Coast so I’m late. So, night night, happy Saturday. I will see you all tomorrow. And yeah, my hair will probably be about the same height because there’s a lot of spray. Did you get a view of the back? Let’s have a look. Oh, I don’t know. I can’t do this. Oh, you’ve all seen the video anyway. Have a great night and I will see you tomorrow. Bye. Finished.