Morning. It’s Friday. Yay. We got to love a Friday. I want to talk today about clarity, but I don’t mean I’m going to help you get all clear and crystal clear and know exactly what you’re doing right now. I want to talk about the little known, great, easy kind of cheat tool towards clarity. And that is the power of a no. So you may think that clarity, is like this bolt of lightning that hits you and you’re like, “Oh my gosh, that is my path. I know exactly what I’m meant to be doing. It’s all laid out in front of me. I’m going to do X, Y, Z and nothing is going to distract me.”

Pinterest - You can be a good person with a kind heart and still say no - Samantha LeithOkay. For some people, clarity may come like that. Clarity may be a knowing that it’s just always been there. It’s built in and nothing can sway them. But for some people, myself included, there are times in your life where clarity isn’t that easy. And you’re like, “Oh, wishy washy, wishy washy, wishy washy. Shiny mirror ball, let’s go that way. Wishy washy, wishy washy, wishy washy. Oh, someone’s got a great opportunity over there, let’s go that way.” And if you’re in those kinds of places, you can start to think, “I’m never going to get there. I don’t know what I’m meant to be doing.” And get all mopey and dopey about it.

But I want you to think about when you say no. Say someone gives you an opportunity. Let’s just pick one out of the tool shed. You’re a chef, for example, and you’re not a hundred per cent clear on the direction you want your cheffing to go. Do you want to have a restaurant? Do you want to have a cafe? Do you want to go overseas? Danana. I’m obviously making this all up as I go. And then someone says to you, “I’ve got a catering opportunity for weddings.” And you just go, “Thanks but no.” Now, it’s a no brainer for you. You’re like, “No, I don’t want to do that.” And you got to let those nos add up, because each and every one of those nos that you say, is actually leading you closer towards that perfect storm of clarity. You just don’t know it yet.

So I want you to pay attention to… And it’s everything in life. It can be clarity about your exercise regime. It can be clarity about work. It can be clarity about friendship. Clarity in any area doesn’t necessarily have to come from a, “Yes, that’s what I’m doing. Or that’s what I believe in.” It really can come from all the little nos adding up. So pay attention today, tomorrow, whenever, for the rest of your life. Pay attention to every single time a no is easy for you.

And I promise if you sit down when you’re journaling, you know you should be doing it every day, it’s part of the daily success formula. If you do your journaling, you’re like, “I said no to this yesterday. Why did that feel good? How was that so easy?” And you will notice a pattern and you will start to go, “Okay, well, it’s really clear that I don’t want to do that. So let’s do take that off the options list.” If someone invites you to a yoga class and you’re like, “Nah.” You might not know that belly dancing is actually really what you want to be doing, but you know you don’t want to be doing yoga. So pay it attention to the nos. Because all of those nos will help you with your clarity. That’s it for Friday, I will see you all tomorrow. Bye. Have a great day.