Hey everyone. This is a short and sweet video tonight because I’m not very well and it’s about listening to your body. So this morning I woke up, I had a conference call at 5:00, and then I went to the gym and did my usual things but I didn’t feel right. I just knew something was wrong. Felt a bit manky and managed to get a doctor’s appointment for this afternoon. And by the time I got to the doctors, my tonsils are all gross. So my plans for this evening, which was to go and see an amazing show that a friend of mine has directed, have gone astray because I just have to go to bed.

Pinterest - The body never lies - Samantha LeithAnd part of me, that hustler, that the show must go on kind of Sam is like, “No, just take your antibiotics and put on a face and you’ll be all okay. Everything will be all right.” And you know what? It’s not. Apart from anything else, if the tonsillitis is a viral, caused by a virus, then I can pass it on and all that kind of stuff, which I don’t want to do. But I actually just need to go to bed. So I’ve done the hard thing and gone, “Sorry guys. I can’t do the things I meant to be doing today,” which I hate doing. I hate doing that. That brings up all that letting other people down crap. But what’s more important, letting other people down or letting yourself down?

So why I’m not just saying I’m sick and goodnight and talking about knowing your body is that years ago, I would have just ignored all those signs. And I would have in a couple of days time been cripplingly sick. Over the past I’ve had to take penicillin injections with tonsillitis. I’ve been hospitalized with pneumonia. Because I ignored all that stuff and just kept going, kept going, kept going, kept going, kept going. And now I’m like, “Yeah, no, not going to do that. I’m listening to my body.” And my body, although it is because of daylight savings really bright and sunny, my body needs to go to bed.

So love you all, thank you so much for continuing to watch these over 250 something days. I’m so grateful. I’ve been trying to work out how I can send everybody that watches the videos a little thank you video and can’t figure it out yet. But I’m working on it because it’s really important to me that I thank everyone that has gone on this journey with me. So stay tuned, I will come up with something. But right now, listen to your body and if you need to take a rest or change something or look after some part of you, please do it. Really, you only get one of these things, so make sure it’s okay. Much love and I will see you tomorrow. Bye.