Hi, so I want to let you in on a little secret today, successful people don’t run away from problems. Now that’s not to say successful people run towards problems, but they’re not scared of problems. You see, problems happen and if you live a life where you’re fearful of any of the hiccups or problems that go in life and you see every problem as a signpost to stop or to turn around, change direction or anything like that, you’re not actually going to get to that successful point because it’s all those hiccups, all those little, what happens that actually give you that curve that get you to that moment of success or that lifetime of a success that you’ve been dreaming of. That goalpost, that vision that you have for your life. If everybody that had a big vision for their life gave up, got grumpy, got stressed, got upset when it’s all too hard when they hit that first hurdle, we wouldn’t have anything like seriously.

Pinterest -- The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it - Samantha LeithI wouldn’t be sitting on this computer. I wouldn’t have these glasses. I wouldn’t have this watch. We wouldn’t be driving our cars. Problems happen and as I’ve said before on a more personal level, when you have something negative going on in your personal life, it makes you appreciate the good times. So if there’s something sad, it makes you appreciate happy. If there’s frustration, it makes you appreciate joy. If you’re hungry, it makes you appreciate when you’re full, like life is about having those ebbs and flows. So your biggest want in life can’t be true success, if you go ah anytime there’s a problem. “No, not willing to have problems. No, it’s all going to be smooth sailing. No, not doing it.” You’re not going to find the success that you want. So I want you to think about in the last week today, tomorrow, the next week, whenever you come up against one of those like hiccups and your first reaction is to run crying into your do not, especially on a rainy day like this, or to give up because it was all too hard.

“See, nobody wanted my offer. See the universe is telling me not to send out that offer because the email didn’t work. See, nobody wants my services. I’m going to give up.” It’s just a problem. Accept it, deal with it. Try and fix the problem if you can, because remember everything is figureoutable, not everything’s fixable. Think about that one for a while. But you have to be willing. You’re not going to go, “Yay problems, come to me. I love problems,” but you have to be willing to sit with them and work on them and get over that hurdle or that hump to get you that next step down the yellow brick road to success. Wow, I like that. The yellow brick road to success, I kind of like it. So now I’m not going to sing a song about singing in the rain. No, that would be really daggy. Have a great day everybody and remember the problems are just a hiccup to getting where you want to go. Bye.