Good morning, happy Friday.

So, in a world filled with bad news this week, we have had good news. Now, I feel like I’m doing a Fast Forward skit. Remember those Fast Forward skits where they did the news reading things? I don’t do good impersonations so I’m not going to try and do mine. And welcome to Chanelle’s Institute of Beauty and House of Hair Removal. 27 big locations throughout the western suburbs. Yeah, see, no, I’m not good at that.

What I want to talk about was the good news that came out today and it sparked this thing in me, is the news that the Kiwi-born Academy Award winner, I can’t say his name so I’m not going to try. You know the guy that did Thor and Jojo Rabbit and a whole lot of things? He’s brilliant. Is doing a set of series for Netflix, based on the works of Roald Dahl. So, they’re doing a Willy Wonka thing and they’re doing an Oompa-Loompa spinoff thing. And this got me so excited and we all know that song, “In a world of pure imagination.” It’s just a world of pure imagination, it’s like the best thing ever. And we lose it. Well, we don’t all lose it.

Pinterest -- Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will - Samantha LeithSo, those incredible people that are writers and painters and musicians and artists and actors and directors and those kind of people, they spark their imagination every single day for their entire lives. It’s in their DNA. But you know what? It’s actually in all of our DNAs. There is no little child that doesn’t draw a picture. I’ve got them around the house. There is no little child that doesn’t make a note. There is no little child that doesn’t write a story. There is no little child that doesn’t have a dream of something just incredible.

But, we go to school, we get hit by doubt and fears and our confidence wanes and we stop using that … So, many people, not everybody, but so many people stop using that creative part of their brains. They stop dreaming. They stop thinking about candy-covered parties. And they stop thinking about glass elevators and giant peaches and all those incredible things that were in the Roald Dahl books. And there were morals to some of it. And some of it was a little bit dark and twisted, but oh, my gosh, the dreaming and the imagination.

So, it really got me thinking today. The last few months, I guess there’s been so much bad news everywhere. There really has. And maybe it’s because we’re lacking a little bit in this creativity, this spark, this love. Morning. This drive, this … I just want to think something magical.

So, that’s what I want you to do today. I want you to take out a pen and a piece of paper. And I want you to draw. I want you to write. Or I want you to think of something so outlandishly ridiculous that when you were a kid, you would have thought it was okay. So, you know those things that you now go, “Don’t be stupid, Samantha. That’s ridiculous.” Those are the things that when we were kids, we thought were awesome to dream about. So, dream them. Honestly dream them, people, dream them. Because you know what? There’s so many sayings, but there’s that, “Whatever’s created in the world is first created in here.” Everything, every single thing came from a dream of somebody at some point.

So, dream big. Just go for it. And if you have got it … if you don’t have it, I challenge you to get it, a copy of this, The Artist’s Way. Incredible book. And it is really, really, really helpful, if you go through it, to help you start accessing that creative side of your brain again.

But let me know your dreams. I want to hear them. So, tell me what the most outlandish, ridiculous, crazy dream that you could come up with today. Okay. Have a great day. And I will see you tomorrow. Bye.