So, here I am walking to our networking drinks, for the first day of the Professional Speakers Association of Australia Conference…Convention, sorry. And so my tip for you is, dress with confidence. I cannot tell you how important this is. Now, this is not about wearing, what other people think is the right thing you should wear, because people told me that stuff for a long time, and it didn’t make me feel good. Anytime I bought anything and I’ve put it on, and it hasn’t made me feel fabulous. It’s got to go. You have got to be a more confident you. Wear things that make you feel fabulous, that if you get compliments on what you wear, that’s a bonus. It’s not why you should wear what you’re wearing.I know there’s all those sayings that dress to impress. No, don’t dress to impress other people, dress for yourself.

Pinterest -- Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak - Samantha LeithIt’s should actually be the mantra with which you get up, and put your face on every single day. It’s totally for you. Totally, totally, totally. And then when you feel good about yourself, because how you’re showing up, you’re building that confidence muscle as you go. And it sounds so simple, because for me it’s just about a frock, but it’s not just about a frock. Those frocks have my personality. They have my branding, they have sexuality, sensuality. Sometimes I can dress for intelligence. Sometimes I can dress because it’s a sporty day, and that’s the kind of persona I want to feel a bit more about. Oops, sorry. Really noisy tram going past.

But ultimately, what I’m trying to say with all of it is, “It’s all about how you feel.” And there’s these tiny little nuggets every day in your life that will help you feel more confident. The books you read, the clothes you wear, the food you eat, the sex you have, the people you hang around with. All of those things are part of the ingredients to being more confident. And we think it’s all internal? No, sorry, but we are human beings and we can be a little bit vain, so some of it is actually [inaudible 00:02:29] So, I encourage you to go through your wardrobe, and go, makes me feel fabulous! It makes me feel a bit ho-hum, and get rid of the stuff that makes you feel ho-hum. Dress for confidence every single day, and watch your rewards pay off. Much love, Happy Friday, and I’ll see you all tomorrow. Bye. Push the button.