Not so glamorous tonight, friends. Happy Sunday. Gosh, you know when you’re at a conference and the days all kind of blur? Like, “Who am I? What’s my name. Where am I?”

So, tonight, I wanted to talk about finding gratitude when times are tough, or when you feel like shit, or you’re sick, any of those negative kind of things. So, as you know, as I’ve said before, I write five things I’m grateful for every single day. I actually didn’t journals wanting cause I was running late. So when I got back to my room tonight, I did. Feels weird doing it at night, I have to say. It’s when something becomes a habit and you get out of that loop, it’s, weird doing it a different time.

My sister’s upset. She’s about to fly back from overseas and she misses the curfew, the cutoff, so she has to be self isolated for a couple of weeks, as do some other people I know that are coming back from overseas. I know someone else is stuck on a cruise ship that can’t dock anywhere. They’re just in limbo land, like that movie with… I can’t remember the name of the movie where the guy was stuck at the airport and he couldn’t go into any country.

Pinterest -- Gratitude turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into makes sense of our past - Samantha LeithIt’s a really weird time at the moment. So, as I sat down to write, it was like, “Okay, what am I grateful for today?” Well, I’m healthy, but it kind of seems a bit… not lame, but it felt a bit big, I think. So, it was hard for me. So, how do we do it? There’s all those sayings. There’s a silver lining in every cloud. There’s so many sayings about finding positivity and sometimes it’s hard to actually do it yourself.

So, I sat there and I thought of the people that are most important to me. When I was thinking about the people that are most important to me, I thought about something I could be grateful for for them in this moment. So, I wrote a couple of lines on that. So, it wasn’t really much traditional five today.

Then I wrote a little bit about the gratitude that although we can say our government and so many governments just don’t appear to have any bloody idea what they’re doing, what I think, and regardless of how you feel about what’s going on at the moment, one thing that I was a bit grateful for is that people have kind of come together in this. It seems to be that when push comes to shove, people really can react as a group in a positive.

So, if we can get through all of this and all the crap that’s going on and making people feel bad and the illnesses and borders shutting and all that kind of stuff, then maybe on the other side of this, that comradery, that everybody joining forces, could actually happen for a better reason. Maybe we will be able to mobilize and do more about climate change. Maybe will be able to mobilize and do more about sex trafficking. Maybe we will be able to mobilize and do more about the modern day slave trade.

Because we’ve proven we can. We’ve literally proven in a matter of weeks that government or governments, organizations, people can have a better sense of community. People can reach out and help. People can make change. It’s organizations that have never had anyone work from home now have everybody working from home. Things can happen quickly. So, I was grateful for that, that there’s kind of in this moment of, “Yeah, we can all act as one.” You know what I mean. You do know what I mean.

So, what else was I grateful for? So, I’m grateful about the opportunity I’ve had to be here this weekend. I’m tired. Brain like… So much going on in my brain. But what an amazing opportunity. I met some amazing people, had fun. So, I was grateful for that. I just wanted everybody to know that even when we’re moaning or groaning or bitching about the stuff that’s going on, we can find something to be grateful for. It may just be that you’ve got 12 rolls of toilet paper stockpiled in your cupboard at home. I can’t believe we’re talking about toilet paper. It’s a bizarre world.

So, I want you all to take care of yourself, but I want you to think, just think of those couple of things that you can be grateful for. For people that I know that have lost so much work over the next couple of months, massive festivals being canceled, I can’t begin to imagine, look out for those people, really look out for those people. Some of them are going to think it’s a great time to recharge and to reset, maybe write the book they’ve always wanted to write or pivot in their business and do something different, but show some support and do something for one of those people in your life. Okay? Because then when they write in their journal in the morning about what they’re grateful for, it will be the beautiful, beautiful piece of friendship that you’ve offered them in the form of anything. Get a meal delivered to somebody. Why not?

Happy Sunday. I’m heading home tomorrow. Stay well and I will see you soon. Bye, guys. I can never find the finished button. It’s like…